Friday, December 5, 2008

It's HERE!!!!

It's HERE!! It's HERE!! My last birthday gift from Glen and the girls arrived on the front porch yesterday.... It is a MUST HAVE on your Christmas list this year!! THE SLANKET!
The other night I was freezing and watching TV, but too cold to want to stick my lazy arm out from under the blanket to change the channel.......I see on this brilliant lady's blog the next morning her magnificent find...THE SLANKET! How genius is this and WHY COULD I HAVE NOT THOUGHT OF IT!?? A blanket with sleeves! You can use the remote, use your laptop..whatever you need to do with your arms all the while staying warm! Oh how I love my new PINK SLANKET!! It is so soft and warm...warm I tell ya!! After last night's Christmas parade I was very excited to jump into that new Slanket!! I just had to share......visit to see all the pretty colors!! I saw a similar product on TV called the "snuggie", but it didn't have as many cool colors and I just liked to say "SLANKET" better than "snuggie"..?!

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