Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We ♥ ........


We ♥ all the flowers that are blooming...

♥ the cool mornings and the warm afternoons...

♥ the days that are warm enough to go eat ice cream at the park...

♥ wearing shorts...

♥ wearing flip flops again...

♥ getting the pedicures you have to get BEFORE wearing the flip flops...

♥ the bunnies who make a home out of our front landscape...

♥ to hear the birds singing again...

♥ Easter...

♥ the chocolate bunnies that my girls get in their Easter baskets...oops!

♥ taking our little dog for a walk...

♥ grilling out on the back porch...

♥ watching everything come alive again after a very weird snow-filled winter here in TEXAS!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Redecorating The Loo!

The girls have been complaining that their bathroom is a they like to put it......"Blah!"

I'm sad because I have always loved this bathroom, but it is really on the "beigey-blandy side".
So I caved and went and bought some COLOR for this bathroom. This is a room that is sure to have years of teenager life in it and I do want them to love it! So here is a BEFORE of the bathroom this OLD BLAH MOM loved.........stay tuned for the AFTER...(who knows HOW LONG this will take!).........

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Dear Papa,
Thank you so much for being such a fun & "silly Papa"!
We love to hear your songs, listen to your wild stories, and go to Market Street with you to raid the candy aisle!
Thank you for always working so hard and loving us all so much!

Wishing our WILD & CRAZY Dad/Papa a very Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedded Bliss!

Happy 44th Anniversary to my wonderful parents!

We love you so much and thank you for always loving us and each other!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looks like it's time to......

go and purchase some SUNSCREEN!

Good Gosh!! Riley & I (as the responsible adult/mother) didn't realize sitting out in the driveway all day might cause some damage! Well, looks like we got the 1st "burn" of the summer out of the way!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Know?......

.....That Purple Cows DO make Purple Milkshakes???

and they are PURPLicious!

We had a fun time at The Purple Cow with my sweet mom & adorable cousins!

THANKS! for a great afternoon!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lazy Day #3!

3PM Still in our PJs....

5PM Still alot of this...
6PM Hallie nudged us all up to get showers and head to Target to go get her one of these (a new Pay As You Go phone) with all of her money she had saved up......
8PM Back in our PJs, and the Hallie-Halle sleepover is in full swing. As long as they don't stay up half the night calling boys, we'll be alright!

Tomorrow's agenda: The Purple Cow! mmmmmmm!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chasing Dust Bunnies & Painting Jails!

Spring Break Day #2.....not alot of fun was lurking in our day!

This house was a disaster and we had to do some SPRING CLEANING!
The pool was an official GREEN CEMENT POND.
The garage was a giant stinky cave-like place.
The kitchen...............was just yuck! and.......
The ceiling fans were still sporting "fur jackets"!

So while the girls painted on a school project outside, (a choir teacher's "Incarceration Box" for the kids that WON'T quit talking...hmm? I just didn't ask!)
Glen and I tackled the inside!

Did I mention I HATE strongly dislike house cleaning? But I really really appreciated all the help!
Thanks Honey-Do!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break is Finally Here...Bring on the Cheese Fries and Bonfires!!

HELLoooooooo! Spring Break! Where have you been all my life!!

So glad that the week before Spring Break is behind was full of fun, alot of working, alot of practicing, alot of spending, alot of alot of stuff! We are now ready for some alot of nothing! I like to keep a running blog of our Spring Break days, so that when the end draws near and the girls complain, "Gosh! We didn't do much over Spring Break....." I can kindly "reflect" back for them!!

So Spring Break Day #1....

We started with what every Spring Break needs to start with...

Then we did a little shopping....

and then ended the fun 1st day of Spring Break out in Aledo with some great friends, yummy dinner, and a blowout bonfire! Thank you Auth family for a fun night!!!

Rainbow of Good Luck!

We spotted this most amazing rainbow on Thursday night......I have never seen one this close or this bright! We said it was a sign of GOOD LUCK!! We may not have found a pot of gold, but it did bring Riley Good Luck at her 8th grade Cheerleader Tryouts! Way to Go Riley! She also made the Yearbook Staff and PALS!! 8th grade is going to be a fun and very busy year for this cheerleader (and her personal assistant/driver)!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Left Kidney!

Well, I don't have to ask for my left kidney back! Our Taylor Swift concert seats were the BOMB! We were seated RIGHT NEXT to all of her guitars.....I kinda thought that was the coolest part of all!It was a great time, until I lost the $100 bill that Riley had given me to hold for her! As she said once I figured out I had lost it...."Well, someone got very lucky tonight!" AARRGGHH!! I feel so bad! WOW! Glad I could help in making someone ELSE'S night though! ha! And really, after all the money I've already shelled out...what's another $100, right?!
Well, HELLO! Miss Swift...she was like totally right there before our eyes!!

It was an awesome show...that started with approximately 4-5 million people in line for a Tshirt. I quickly dropped (my own) $100 on some great "sleepwear", you know that's all concert Tshirts are good for after wearing them to school the DAY AFTER the concert, they immediately get sorted into the PJ drawer.

Next, we got to hear Hallie's FAVORITE girl sing.....KELLI PICKLER! She ended with RED HIGH HEELS! The night was going spectacular!

Next up....TAYLOR SWIFT!! She was AWESOME, a little spastic, now and then, but she is what like 19, rich, and famous? If I was that amazingly talented with a guitar, mega rich, and gorgeous....I'd be spastic too!! The superstar has it goin on! A second tour of sold out arenas across the country!! WOW!!
I have asked Glen if we can buy the girls' some microphones and a bus..........we are for sure IN THE WRONG BUSINESS!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Luck Riley!!

Wishing my Riley the best of luck at cheerleader tryouts this evening!!

Go get em, GIRL!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Kick Off!

We are ready for some SPRING BREAK around here! Woohoo!

We are kicking off Spring Break TONIGHT! With one of our favorite gals........
Unfortunately, I had to sell my left kidney to get 3 great seats to this sold out least they better be "GREAT SEATS" or I'm getting my kidney BACK, I tell ya!
Looking forward to a super fun night with my girls!!

Post concert starts Phase II of our Spring Break Kick Off......Riley has to rush home, rest up for TOMORROW which is 8th Grade Cheerleader Tryouts!! 8th Grade Cheerleader Tryouts?? Can't be!! Wasn't I just trying out for 8th Grade Cheerleader? (ok, maybe like 26 years ago?!)...............BUT it seems like only yesterday! Ah!Poo! I'm getting old! Hope the concert gets her adrenaline pumping for her big Friday!! Off to shop for some jazzy concert clothes....................Let the Countdown BEGIN!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Family Only A Mother Could Love....

Now here is a family I can call my own......aren't they purty?

A little too much like the creepy villian kid on "The Incredibles"!?

A little "whoville-ish"

A little Leno....

Just my little creepy freaky hiliarious family.... compliments of the webcam!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Look who was born in 1920!

My Pepa, John Woodrow Wilson
born February 27th, 1920!

Yep, that makes him......

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite American Heroes!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things.....

that hang in my house are......
my mini "Everyday Display" board from Creative Memories. I love love love to decorate it up each month with that month's holiday theme or just with fun pictures I've taken and actually have printed! (which is sadly rare!).....BUT, I even love love love my big one that hangs on the wall even better! If you want one of these GREAT boards that can display your fun pictures....let me know and my friend Suzanne can hook you up! She is one fabulous Creative Memories Master!!

BUT I do have to can't beat HANDMADE decor made by the precious hands of the 2 LOVES of your life!!...

Say HELLO! to....Two of the BEST Valentines gifts that I ever have received! A giant THANK YOU to my 2 sweethearts for these FABULOUS additions to MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!

Lordy! Lordy! Look who's 40!

GLEN (aka Papa).....

turned the big 40 on February 16th!!

We celebrated his big 4-0 on Valentines Weekend across the border at Winstar, no big winners just lots of laughs with our dear friends who braved the "long" roadtrip with us!

I'll say he's got a pretty good form for being 40 and all!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!!
Here's to 40+ more!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

-CK Spelling Word Week

Last week, the 3rd grade studied spelling words that ended in the letters know the ones...sack, tack, pack......
Fortunately for us at the end of every spelling test the teacher asks the kids to make up their own sentence using a spelling word or two from their list......OK! Here comes the fortunate part....

Hallie really likes words that end in -CK and used a couple of them in her sentence just as instructed:

"My dad wipes his black crack." ..... wrote my little Spelling Bee ever so precisely.

Not sure if "Dad or his black crack" will be able to make it to 3rd grade Open House next week?! I'm pretty sure he thinks the teacher might just crack up when she sees him or throw a wise crack his way!

Things I Have Let Go This Winter......

Apparently, the ceiling fans. But who would ever know if I just leave them running?
Let's just call it leftover snow!?

Most of our closets, but again...who would know if I just kept the door and my mouth shut?

Obviously, my waistline....but really, Hoodies and sweats aren't that hot during a Texas summer, who needs a swimsuit or shorts? (Sorry to disappoint, but no photos of the waistline!)

Blogging......I'm having to catch up a month's worth of memories, because I was just to lazy to type.....BUT then again, who cares, I took pictures.

Reading......the last book I read was "The Lovely Bones" and that freaked me out so much I've just stuck with my US Weekly, The Kardashians are scary enough!

So before March creeps out of here as fast as it crept up on me..I gotta get movin!
Time to tackle those fans, brave my way into those closets, and crunch those abs....
I've got Spring Fever!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow..Snow..and even more SNOW!!

We have had so much fun this winter! Living in Texas my whole life I have never seen this much snow!!
We have jumped in the snow....

built snowmen without pants in the snow....

hid our little Yorkie in the snow....

played in the snow at school...
before getting in trouble by the principal for playing in the snow at school.....

We have measured the snow.......

gone tubing in the snow....

made snow angels in the snow...........

Even ate the snow in the form of "snow ice cream" and being from Texas I did have to google! ....

But now that I am about 12lbs heavier from all the eating I've done because of the snow....I'm ready to bid farewell to Frosty and say hello to some good ole' Texas Heat!!

Bring on the flip-flops!

(just maybe not the swimsuits yet)!