Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things I Have Let Go This Winter......

Apparently, the ceiling fans. But who would ever know if I just leave them running?
Let's just call it leftover snow!?

Most of our closets, but again...who would know if I just kept the door and my mouth shut?

Obviously, my waistline....but really, Hoodies and sweats aren't that hot during a Texas summer, who needs a swimsuit or shorts? (Sorry to disappoint, but no photos of the waistline!)

Blogging......I'm having to catch up a month's worth of memories, because I was just to lazy to type.....BUT then again, who cares, I took pictures.

Reading......the last book I read was "The Lovely Bones" and that freaked me out so much I've just stuck with my US Weekly, The Kardashians are scary enough!

So before March creeps out of here as fast as it crept up on me..I gotta get movin!
Time to tackle those fans, brave my way into those closets, and crunch those abs....
I've got Spring Fever!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Ha! This made me laugh. My house is like a science experiment - I might need a HazMat uniform to clean it. I'm getting spring fever too. Just need it to get a little warmer to really get me motivated.