Monday, March 15, 2010

Chasing Dust Bunnies & Painting Jails!

Spring Break Day #2.....not alot of fun was lurking in our day!

This house was a disaster and we had to do some SPRING CLEANING!
The pool was an official GREEN CEMENT POND.
The garage was a giant stinky cave-like place.
The kitchen...............was just yuck! and.......
The ceiling fans were still sporting "fur jackets"!

So while the girls painted on a school project outside, (a choir teacher's "Incarceration Box" for the kids that WON'T quit talking...hmm? I just didn't ask!)
Glen and I tackled the inside!

Did I mention I HATE strongly dislike house cleaning? But I really really appreciated all the help!
Thanks Honey-Do!!

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Amy said...

My house looks like a frat house. Seriously nasty. But I have an interview tomorrow, and I'm treating like a first date or something - hair, nails, new contacts, new outfit. So I'll clean when it's over. So not looking forward to it!!