Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's ALL The Buzz???

The Middle School was a "BUZZIN" yesterday! I mean, literally, BUZZING! Riley came home and said, "Oh my gosh, I have the WORST headache! Starting 6th period we all started hearing this horrible high-pitched buzzing sound that would NOT stop!" The sound lasted all through 6th period and it got so bad in 7th period, that the class had to all gather to one side of the room (the side that the "buzzing" was NOT coming from) and the teacher went as far as to call the Vice-Principal down to check out the "mysterious ear-drum shattering BUZZ". Poor old Mr. Denning checked all the TVs, all of the intercoms, anything and everything that could be buzzzzzzing only to find nothing...(but HIS head hurting). Finally, making it through this nauseating last part of the school day.... Riley and her 3 friends pile into her friend's mom's truck for a ride home ONLY TO FIND THAT THEY HAD BEEN FOLLOWED BY THE BUZZ! They all quickly checked their belongings and found nothing until one gal leans down to Riley's purse and said......"IT'S YOU!"

Riley said, "WHAT?! ME?!"

After feverishly rummaging through her purse she yells,
"OH NO! It's my B-I-N-G-O thingy!"

Over the weekend, Papa had bought both girls the "little ear listening device" that you SEE ON TV where the nutty looking old lady yells, "B-I-N-G-O!" and then attempts to belt out a very sad version of "Amazing Grace" with her nifty little ear piece in. You know the one......where the two nosey neighbors are gossiping about the girl's new ride across the street and since the gal has her "GoGo Gadget Ear Piece" on, she hears every word only to snicker at their envy!
Well.....Riley had forgotten to remove her "Trailer Park Hearing Aid" out of her purse and somehow it had kicked on around 1:10pm (and if it's not in your ear, it makes the most earth-shattering buzz you have ever heard)! Well, needless to say it was NOT in her ear, and it was EARTH-SHATTERING!
Here is the little trouble-maker and the purse it concealed itself in.

Good Lordy, I just hope they didn't call in the FBI to investigate!!
The finale came this morning when Riley (who was so upset and worried about this whole deal) woke up with 101 fever and COULD NOT RETURN TO SCHOOL today!
Wonder if anyone made the connection...NO RILEY=NO BUZZING??
AND...just so you know...Papa thought it was HILIARIOUS!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Praying For Stellan.

The button on my sidebar labeled "Praying for Stellan" is about a little sweet baby boy who was a miracle at birth, but is now seriously ill. His mother, "MckMama" is an awesome photographer and when she was pregnant with "Stellan" she started a "Stellan Name Gallery", asking for people who read her blog to send in pics of the name "Stellan". It is so fun to look at! Now that he is so very ill, she has asked for more pictures......pictures have come in from Paris all the way to AFRICA! This is one little angel boy who is on EVERYONE'S mind and covered up in prayers! Only our Lord in Heaven knows the plan for this precious baby, and the WORLD is praying for a Miracle! "MckMama" is very inspiring as she shares her heartache, her faith, and her strength as they battle to save her sweet Stellan.
The girls loved looking through the "Stellan Name Gallery" and came up with a few of their own....we will send them to "MckMama" so she'll know we are praying for Stellan in Texas too!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Couch Potato!

Can someone please tell me why we even need a house with more than one bedroom? This is what I found when I got home from work last night.............I hear the couch calling my name!

Thursday, March 26, 2009



Your kids get all pumped when dad announces, "It's time to practice some shootin!" (in the front yard next to the deer feeder that is a constant ornament in our driveway) and they are proud to be waving their guns in broad daylight! ??

You buy your husband a "Leg Lamp" for Christmas, and he actually LIKES IT! ??

You drive your family (7 hours) home from summer vacation in MID-JULY with no air-conditioning and then you take pictures of your child's suffering (and post it)! ??

You check your Grandma out of the local Nursing Home for the day..........

...only to get her drunk at the "family get-together"! ??

You own more than one "Pregnant Barbie" and actually let your kids play with them! ??
You let a thorn "fester" in your thumb for 3 months...
...and the Dr. who finally cuts it out tries to eat it! ??

Your kids are jumping, hollering, & yelling, "Stab IT, Daddy! Stab IT, Daddy!" as he tortures the "captured attic rat" with his pocketknife! ??

You have a fly this big on the lamp next to you, (not to mention all the dust to go with it), and you can't smash him with the fly-swatter because you tell your husband, "He's been buzzing around here for so long now, he feels like part of the family!" ??

You pretend to be taking your sweet daughters' pictures eating Smores' while on vacation, only to really be getting a shot of the gal in the pink bikini leaning over the fire pit, because your husband thinks she is "smokin' hot"! ??

Your friend receives a "Spa Kit" made out of "Maxi-Pads" for Christmas and loves it, while the other guests fight over it! ??

Your girls actually enjoy posing with the very large rattlesnake that dad brought home from work, and ask to print off the pictures to take to "Show & Tell" (because taking the real thing is simply not allowed)! ??

Is it embarrassing that this list could go on and on??......as a girl born and raised on "Wilson Lane" and mighty proud of it! All I can say is......"You can take the girl outta the country, but ya can't take the country outta the girl!"

Are you ready?

Yesterday the clouds were magnificent! On my way to work, I couldn't even pay attention to driving for the amazing show that was going on above me! So when I actually (safely) made it to work, I had to snap some pictures of them! Apparently, everyone else did too, because on NBC 5's website they had over 200 people send in cloud pictures yesterday! The comments were quite amusing from.."I thought it was the end of the world!"....to..."Maybe God is mad at Obama too?"
I, personally, was actually waiting for Will Smith to fly out of them in some sort of "Men In Black #3" Space Contraption.... or better yet.........Jesus to descend down and lovingly scoop us all up!

Will you be ready when He does??

" For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with a voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.
Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.
Therefore comfort one another with these words." I Thessalonians 4:16-18

That day, I know will be one GLORIOUS DAY!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chess with The VP, anyone?!

So tonight, I had my 1st CHEER MOM MEETING as a CHEER MOM!! I even showered, applied my best "Wet n Wild" #525 Hot Pink Lipstick, squished into my "Spanx" to squeeze into my "cute" capris, (but not before having to wipe the "hanger dust line" off the mid-thigh that had collected on them all winter). Nope, tonight was NOT a hoodie & headband night, by any means, people!...it was "CHEER MOM MEETING night" and me and my dark roots were ready and looking somewhat...ummm.. cheerful!

Upon entering the middle school Library, (did I mention the Cheerleader Sponsor is the SCHOOL LIBRARIAN)? (insert look of confusion here).... I catch the tail end of, "Ladies! Ladies! We do have payment plans, please, don't worry, we'll work something out!"

"Oh! Please excuse me, wrong room, looking for the "CHESS CLUB MOM MEETING".... my bad?!"
Just as I was about to bolt, I hoaned in on a fellow CHEER MOM crying out, "Leather Letter Jackets, what a waste of money!, these kids are in Middle School, No Way!"
hmmmm??....OK, this might be worth staying, sounds like we have some level-headed, broke moms, like myself, in here! I mean, I did have on my #525, and cute capris..... After all, I did shower with my new "shea butter" shower gel, for goodness sakes! OK, I might as well show some respect and listen to what the sweet lady has to say!
Well...think again....before this CHEER MOM MEETING was over I was out of checks, had a calendar filled with practice dates, camp dates, candy sale fundraiser dates, jumprope a-thon dates, pep rally dates, uniform fitting dates, money-due dates, football game dates, "when you can take a family vacation" dates, and by the way, did I mention the Middle School now has a NEW "Cheerleader Booster Club VICE PRESIDENT"......

NOPE! Not so "lucky".....

Feel free to call me "MADAME VICE-PRESIDENT"..........

(Oh! You know I'm very giddy about all this and can't wait to fluff those pom-poms!!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

"CH" as in "Cheers and Ch-Ching"!

Spring Break is over.....Back to school, back to work....

Riley started her week off with her 1st Cheerleader Meeting this morning at 7:15am at school! They had breakfast together, got cute T-shirts, and had their adorable pictures made! I have MY 1st Cheerleader MOM meeting tomorrow evening, but I'm kinda thinking it will NOT be as fun as hers, doubt there will be any doughnuts, no bedazzled MOM t-shirts, or fun group pictures to be snapped,

but I bet there will be alot of this.....
.....being paid out. haha!
I think I can hear my mom and dad laughing at Glen and I all the way over here at my house!
While singing, "Payback Time!.....P-P-P-Payback Time!"

Well, I gotta wrap this up and go water my.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Praying for Cason Harvey!

"God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine." Ephesians 3:20

Praying that Baby Cason will be home with Mom and Dad soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 8 was a beautiful day for a Wedding, Chocolate, Fun Friends, & more Chocolate!

It was gorgeous today! A perfect day for a wedding! Riley's teacher that she once had in 1st grade got married and our dear friend's kids were a part of the festivities. It was alot of fun....they had a CANDY BAR..not a candy bar-candy bar, but a table set up filled with CANDY...and little boxes that one could fill up to their heart's desire with the CANDY!!! Absolutely, the kids favorite attraction at this wedding! They also had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN BAR.......(Note to self: Order a chocolate fountain ASAP!) My new favorite food item dipped in chocolate is NUTTER BUTTERS! Oh my goodness! Heavenly! Suzanne & Hallie's favorite, apparently were the chocolate strawberries......
Heck! It was all good, I think I'd eat a leather boot dipped in chocolate, I'm not particular! But those Nutter Butters.........mmmmmmmm! Ok, back on track here.......
Riley's sweetheart of a friend, Riley was in the wedding...(whistle-whistle) he was handsome in that tuxedo! They are the sweetest of friends and secretly deep down, I hope to be planning their wedding to each other, oh, say... in about 12-15 years! These two are carbon copies of each other, such calm, quiet, loving spirits....Oh how I love those 2!! It was cute when we were taking their picture the "little sisters" said, "Wait!!" and grabbed a flower bouquet and shoved it into Riley's hands and said, "That's Better! Tee-heehehe!" See they want them to get married one day too!!

After the wedding festivities...I had one grand-slam doozy of a headache, so I crawled home to the couch and after talking with my friend Suzanne who was suffering as well...we decided that the headaches could very well be a result of the CANDY BAR indulgence, the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN BAR delights, the large slice of CHOCOLATE groom's cake, and the sorta smaller sampling of the bride's cake that we both enjoyed this afternoon!
So I remedied my pain with a nap, some PANDA EXPRESS and a fun visit from the Higgins cuties!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Day #7 Pretty Toes at "Trudy's" with Trixie, Dixie, and Laverne!


Now Seriously.....since the new American "Motto" is "Change...blahdy-blahdy blah blah..." Why can't we CHANGE Spring Break to TWO weeks?? This week has flown right past us! It has been fun and I won't lie, I just might be ready for some quiet around here, but I'm not ready for those early alarm clocks and hour after hour of homework.... just yet! But...it's a comin' and SOON!

I had promised the girls a "mani/pedi day" before we went back to school and today seemed just as good a day as any to make the trip. A couple of friends of ours are in a wedding tomorrow and we thought we'd invite them to partake in our "foot fun frenzy". They joined us and we enjoyed it! Their mom had wanted them to get their hair done today as well for their weekend wedding festivities and it was at that point that they (for the 1st time) met TRUDY! Trudy is my "alter ego" who would love to own her own beauty shop if she only had her license!?? HA! So they took me up on my offer to "wash, blow, and set" them all for their big Friday Night Rehearsal ! Trudy's rate of "FREE" was an offer she couldn't refuse! It was fun..they all had their own "Beauty Shop Names"....one was "Trixie", the other "Dixie" and Hallie my helper was "Laverne". (Riley decided to just keep "Riley"). The end result was 3 gorgeous gals ready for a night out on the town! I didn't get "mama" in the picture, but I sure do hope her "beehive" holds! (just jokin!)

Tonight is "Girls Only Slumber Party Friday" for us, with Dad out of the house, who knows what us girls will find to do!! I'm dreaming of some Panda Express, Hot Fudge Sundaes, and a good chic-flick!
Happy Weekend and HAPPY SPRING! It's finally here!

Spring Break Day #7 Score: Truly Trudy Spectacular!

ps...Please still be in prayer for Cason Harvey. Mom was discharged today and Cason was not. He is expected to be in NICU for at least 7 more days! We pray for a quick recovery on those precious baby lungs so that he can be in his mom & dad's arms where he belongs!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day #6 Jesus BEFORE Juicy!

Spring Break Day #6

We went up in the attic and drug down all the Easter decorations this morning. I love Eastertime! The adorable bunnies, the colorful Easter eggs, the yummy chocolate eggs, the beautiful Springtime weather, ahhhh....the reason we celebrate Easter! What an amazing story that I love! How Jesus loved us so much that He would die for us and then was able to RISE again! What a story of unconditional love! We are so thankful!

Today, it is so easy to really get down and be blue, listening to what our nation has become, watch America's leaders be so selfish, worrying everyday about your bank account and everything you work so hard for just vanishing....Gosh! Really I could go on and on....but...a blog that I follow daily suggested that we give some Praise! What a terrific idea!
Of course, there are numerous things we could be disgusted about, but the number of blessings we have in our life tremendously outweigh the big bummers in life.
I am blessed and my family is blessed. I am thankful and my family is thankful. Recently, Hallie had to write a "Lucky" story in class and tell about things that she feels "lucky" about......

Picture #1: "I feel like the lukiest person. Family, God, Jese, grandmal."
Translation: "I feel like the luckiest person. Family, God, Jesus, Grandma."

Picture #2: "Next: God! Jesue! Jesue dide on the crose for me!"
Translation: "God! Jesus! Jesus died on the cross for me!"

She goes on to write..."I have a grandmal that sople me, I get Jouse Cutre and Ambercrome."
That translates to... she has a "Grandma".....(NOT a big seizure (grandmal))....that spoils her with Juicy Couture and Ambercrombie!" Well, I gotta give her that she at least has her priorities straight...Jesus BEFORE Juicy! phew!

I am blessed and so thankful to God that I have an adorable, loving husband who is an unbelievable dad to the two most fun, most amazing girls in the whole world! So pit-tooie to all the bad news in the world today...today I'm sending up some PRAISE! Where Praise is due!!

On to Spring Break Day #6......oops! I got a bit off track....
Alot of "Guitar Hero" and "Wii bowling", before I went to work and the girls got to go to GiGi and Papa's to visit before they jet off to Florida!

Spring Break Day #6 Score: Blessed!

.....please continue to pray for sweet baby Cason Harvey as well as his mom and dad. Cason remains in NICU with breathing difficulties. We pray for God's healing hand to be placed on this new life so that he may be home soon with his family!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5: Benadryl, Lasers, & Rehab?

Spring Break Day #5
We started the day by meeting friends at the park, it was so pretty outside, we had to go and enjoy it! The girls and their friends had 1st wanted to go to the zoo...but...being 1/2 price Wednesday, Spring Break, and the most gorgeous day of the year so far, we figured it would = the Zoo being a total Zoo! Guess what!? The news even reported those exact words: "The Zoo Was A Zoo"! After watching the report and seeing the pictures on the news, phew!! (a record setting 23,000+ people today)!!.....Good call on no zoo today! It is 1am right now, and we'd probably just be getting home if we had braved that place!! haha! The kids all enjoyed a nature walk around the park, which ended in a quick stop into Walgreens for Benadryl after Riley turned into one big itchy HIVE! (HAPPY SPRING!)

Post-park/lunch...I had to head off to work, but my ever so sweet friends kept my girls and took everyone to Laser Tag for the afternoon! After the 2nd round, a little Benadryl kicked in on a certain kid and she was OUT for the count for 2 hours!! woops! Might of had a little something to do with 2 sleepovers in a row and a dab of Benadryl?? Just maybe?......
My evening at Rehab was so quiet tonight!! We had a grand total of 4 patients! (Happy Spring Break!) Who wants to be in the hospital with this sunny weather anyways!? So I got to start a book that I have so wanted to read, but am so scared of!! William P. Young's, "The Shack". I do not like movies, TV shows, or books where children are the victims, but I hear that it is an incredible spiritual journey for all who read it and I really want to make it through it! We'll see..I made it to Chapter 3 and the creepy part is coming.......I can do it..I can do it!! Anyone read this yet?

I give Spring Break Day #5 a score of: An itchy, quiet good time!

ps.....Please pray for baby Cason Harvey born this evening to Mike and Catherine Harvey, our Youth Pastor at FBCC. He has been taken to NICU for a possible infection. We pray for Cason, Mom & Dad, and the Drs. and Nurses who are caring for this sweet new baby boy!

"God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine." Ephesians 3:20

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 4: Green Stuff, Pop-Ups, and Hot Tubs!

Spring Break Day #4

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It is the day to wear GREEN and it was happening around here today...green shirts, green drinks, green with envy!

Riley had a great time at The Great Wolf Lodge last night and today she was off for another sleepover at her adorable friend's house where they were going to sleep out in the friend's POP-UP Camper! Fun stuff! They had a Popcorn Machine going, brownies baking, Projector Screen to watch movies on..it was one happenin' set-up! I just wonder if they'll make it all night out there!? Hallie would have never made it out there...but unfortunately, she was still "green with envy" over big sis's great Spring Break adventures!

But never fail...mom & dad to the rescue!! We fired up the hot tub and enjoyed our evening outside! (Hallie looks real torn up huh?! ha!) I think she is starting to like this "only child" stuff!? We miss our sweet Riley though and are ready to have her home so we can have some fun with her too before that yucky school bell is ringing again!!

Spring Break Day #4 Score: Green FUN!