Monday, March 16, 2009

Day #3 Wolves, Rats, and Fried Pickles!

Spring Break Day #3.......

We started the day with alot of this.......

After we got our motors running we dropped Riley with her friends at The Great Wolf Lodge for a fun Spring Break Sleepover!

Well, then I'm left with a very sad little Hallie May who sees her Spring Break Day #3 as "stuck with mom"! So...what to do?? What to do?? What makes every little girl happy?? Shopping and eating!! Mmmmmm! Scrumptious!! So...we set off for Justice and some new swimsuits (before all the cute ones are g-o-n-e), Old Navy for some cute "green" to wear tomorrow, Target for just the shear joy of being in Target! then to Snuffers for some fried pickles and cheeseburgers! Ahhhhhh! Who needs waterparks and wolves when ya got FRIED PICKLES and tank-kinis!? Please...will ya tell me!??

After emptying my wallet and filling our tummies, we went home to enjoy the rest of this warm, beautiful weather playing outside. On our arrival, we found dad & this...........

the pesky little RAT fella who has been making all the racket up in the attic! GOTCHA!
Spring Break Day #3 Score: Eventful!

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