Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day #6 Jesus BEFORE Juicy!

Spring Break Day #6

We went up in the attic and drug down all the Easter decorations this morning. I love Eastertime! The adorable bunnies, the colorful Easter eggs, the yummy chocolate eggs, the beautiful Springtime weather, ahhhh....the reason we celebrate Easter! What an amazing story that I love! How Jesus loved us so much that He would die for us and then was able to RISE again! What a story of unconditional love! We are so thankful!

Today, it is so easy to really get down and be blue, listening to what our nation has become, watch America's leaders be so selfish, worrying everyday about your bank account and everything you work so hard for just vanishing....Gosh! Really I could go on and on....but...a blog that I follow daily suggested that we give some Praise! What a terrific idea!
Of course, there are numerous things we could be disgusted about, but the number of blessings we have in our life tremendously outweigh the big bummers in life.
I am blessed and my family is blessed. I am thankful and my family is thankful. Recently, Hallie had to write a "Lucky" story in class and tell about things that she feels "lucky" about......

Picture #1: "I feel like the lukiest person. Family, God, Jese, grandmal."
Translation: "I feel like the luckiest person. Family, God, Jesus, Grandma."

Picture #2: "Next: God! Jesue! Jesue dide on the crose for me!"
Translation: "God! Jesus! Jesus died on the cross for me!"

She goes on to write..."I have a grandmal that sople me, I get Jouse Cutre and Ambercrome."
That translates to... she has a "Grandma".....(NOT a big seizure (grandmal))....that spoils her with Juicy Couture and Ambercrombie!" Well, I gotta give her that she at least has her priorities straight...Jesus BEFORE Juicy! phew!

I am blessed and so thankful to God that I have an adorable, loving husband who is an unbelievable dad to the two most fun, most amazing girls in the whole world! So pit-tooie to all the bad news in the world I'm sending up some PRAISE! Where Praise is due!!

On to Spring Break Day #6......oops! I got a bit off track....
Alot of "Guitar Hero" and "Wii bowling", before I went to work and the girls got to go to GiGi and Papa's to visit before they jet off to Florida!

Spring Break Day #6 Score: Blessed!

.....please continue to pray for sweet baby Cason Harvey as well as his mom and dad. Cason remains in NICU with breathing difficulties. We pray for God's healing hand to be placed on this new life so that he may be home soon with his family!

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