Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chess with The VP, anyone?!

So tonight, I had my 1st CHEER MOM MEETING as a CHEER MOM!! I even showered, applied my best "Wet n Wild" #525 Hot Pink Lipstick, squished into my "Spanx" to squeeze into my "cute" capris, (but not before having to wipe the "hanger dust line" off the mid-thigh that had collected on them all winter). Nope, tonight was NOT a hoodie & headband night, by any means, people!...it was "CHEER MOM MEETING night" and me and my dark roots were ready and looking somewhat...ummm.. cheerful!

Upon entering the middle school Library, (did I mention the Cheerleader Sponsor is the SCHOOL LIBRARIAN)? (insert look of confusion here).... I catch the tail end of, "Ladies! Ladies! We do have payment plans, please, don't worry, we'll work something out!"

"Oh! Please excuse me, wrong room, looking for the "CHESS CLUB MOM MEETING".... my bad?!"
Just as I was about to bolt, I hoaned in on a fellow CHEER MOM crying out, "Leather Letter Jackets, what a waste of money!, these kids are in Middle School, No Way!"
hmmmm??....OK, this might be worth staying, sounds like we have some level-headed, broke moms, like myself, in here! I mean, I did have on my #525, and cute capris..... After all, I did shower with my new "shea butter" shower gel, for goodness sakes! OK, I might as well show some respect and listen to what the sweet lady has to say!
Well...think again....before this CHEER MOM MEETING was over I was out of checks, had a calendar filled with practice dates, camp dates, candy sale fundraiser dates, jumprope a-thon dates, pep rally dates, uniform fitting dates, money-due dates, football game dates, "when you can take a family vacation" dates, and by the way, did I mention the Middle School now has a NEW "Cheerleader Booster Club VICE PRESIDENT"......

NOPE! Not so "lucky".....

Feel free to call me "MADAME VICE-PRESIDENT"..........

(Oh! You know I'm very giddy about all this and can't wait to fluff those pom-poms!!)

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Kara said...

Yea MADAME Melissa! :) Have fun and enjoy all the memories being made with Riley. I still have precious, priceless memories of mom/dad at my jr high and high school pep rallies. Looking back I see what a sacrifice mom and dad did for me to be in cheerleading and so grateful now
Fun days are ahead.