Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Day #2: The Day of Rest and Mall Cops!

Spring Break Day 2:

Today, the "devil" made me oversleep and we missed church. Apparently, mud was running through my veins because I didn't get moving until 4pm!! Luckily, "Mall Cop" didn't start until 4:55pm!

Also, (sort of) lucky for me... it was an all-day marathon of "Jon & Kate: Plus 8" which kept the girls entertained as I slugged around all afternoon. (That woman is really ugly to her husband, which really started getting on my nerves and is pretty much what got me movin', so we could turn off TLC and get to the movies!) Tomorrow, Riley has a sleepover at "The Great Wolf Lodge" with some friends, so I have to be super creative to match that one with Miss Hallie here!!
Stay tuned..........

Spring Break Day #2 Score: Lazy Fun!

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