Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break Day 1....Bathtub Fishing!

Today is "Day One" of Spring Break. I decided that I would try to blog each day of our Spring Break to help me keep a log of what we did over the week....

We are still very much on our "Cheerleader High" around here from yesterday's exciting and very rewarding Middle School cheerleader try-outs, but as real life would have I had to go to work. The girls came up with some fun on their own while I was getting ready to go.......

Bathtub Fishing.

Hallie filled up the bathtub, found some shampoo that bubbled up nicely, got her fishin' pole out and got after it. She was standing there, acting like she was on the shores of Grapevine Lake, talking to herself about "how nothing was biting today", "Oh..look at the size of that one hiding under that big bubble"....she even balanced her pole "tub-side" at one point, ran off while instructing me to...... "Call me if I get a bite." I just had to crack up!

After returning home around midnight, I found the "fishing trip" to be "aborted" for the time being.......but by looking at the bathroom setup, it appears that she'll be back at it tomorrow.......we can only hope that the "Big One" will be biting!
Spring Break Day #1 Score: Hysterical!

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