Friday, November 27, 2009

Who Ate All The Turkey??

Apparently, Uncle Charlie did.......

or else he's the World's NEXT Pregnant MAN!?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Blessings to all,
The Crusons

Friday, November 20, 2009

Planets VS Moons??

So while the big sister went with her friends to see NEW MOON, I took the little sister and her friend to see PLANET 51.

ummmmmm.............not one of our favorites.........

While they were doing this.....

I was dreaming of this.

Sweet Dreams all.
(Please excuse me as I go and retract my Cougar Claws)!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Season of Thanks

My 2009 Top Ten Thankful List

Of course, I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my health, my faith, but here are a few OTHER things that I am thankful for..........

1. The "Low Balance Alert" emails that I get from my friendly bank warning me "it's getting close"!

2. Online banking that makes it easy to make transfers from here to there when I receive those "alerts"!

3. My Lifetime Fitness Membership card in my wallet next to my Driver's License that makes it look like I work out.

4. Spanx!

5. The speaker phone on my cell phone so I can keep talking in those school zones!

6. Market Street's Thanksgiving promotion: "Get a Free Turkey for every $100 you spend!"
Lucky me has (3) turkeys worth $300 just waiting to be cooked!!

7. That we live in a country where we have Presidential elections every 4 that's some "Hope & Change" to look forward to......(only 1080 days to go)!

8. The Kardashian easy way to teach my girls HOW NOT TO ACT!

9. A good pair of tweezers!

10. Stouffer's.......the meal that makes me look like I've been cooking all day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dinner Bell Has Lost Its Ding.

It is 9:52pm and this is still on the stove.
This is why I don't cook (often).

Glen got home and whined, "We ate at Logan's tonight, and I ordered my steak medium and it came out rare."

I made one of those little "wipe your eyes and go waa-waa noises" and rolled over and went to sleep, but not before telling him, "your dinner for the next 2 weeks is on the stove, you might need to heat it up."

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Law Against HITTING!!

Saturday morning was full of tears, fighting, and PUNCHING!

The only thing that I could think of to tell Hallie why it was highly unacceptable to PUNCH your sister in the back, ESPECIALLY while her cool friends are over and she has done absolutely nothing to you to deserve the PUNCH in the back.......was.......

"because you'll go to jail!"
There were no more questions after that.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


After 2 weeks of Swine Flu suffering that turned into year I promise.......

*to be the POSTER child for getting THE FLU VACCINE!!!

*to be the POSTER child for getting THE PNEUMONIA VACCINE!!

*to NEVER say NEVER again!! (as in: "I NEVER get sick!")

*not to sign that little piece of paper at work that states "No Thanks. I do not want the Flu Vaccine and why."

I Promise!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Season Wrap Up!

The Wildcats ended their first 10U season yesterday! They did great for their first time in kid pitch. We are so proud of the girls and we were so glad to see our "old Wildcats" back and playing like real champs in yesterday's tournament! They may not have won 1st place this season, but they sure played their little hearts out!!Congratulations Wildcats on another great season!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Needs A New Name!

I'm going to officially RENAME the Swine Flu!! Pigs are too cute and sweet to have this dreadful thing named after them!!
I was feeling crummy on Monday anyways from the whole Lucy fiasco, but a sad crummy.........but by after work Monday night I started feeling a little sick crummy?? hmmmm???
By Tuesday afternoon, I was real sick 102 fever crummy....then by Wednesday..I was WOW lungs gunked up, head about to explode, fever of 103, can't lift your head up cause everything hurts (even my teeth hurt!), certainly can't open your eyes to get on Facebook (now that's crum-cum-crummy for me!!) So I crawled on into the Dr. and she confirmed it as the cute little "Swine Flu". I again battled this woman for some TamiFlu (if she ever comes down with this mess, I really want to be her nurse so that I can tell she has told me twice now..."I don't really think you need it, it doesn't do much good, it'll only make you feel better like by one day!") FYI.... "Ms. Dr." I've only had one dose and I feel good enough to make a blog about you...(I may be a little cranky though, but at least I can open my eyes today!)

So needless to say, I vote this horrible flu gets a new name like the "Buzzard Flu" or like the "Tarantula Flu" something, wicked and not cute.....cause that's what this junk is!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Will Always Love that Big Girl!

Lucy is not coming home.

After a long day of phone calls, sign making, picture posting, shelter visits, people stopping by to report Lucy sightings from Saturday, and even one sweet neighbor throwing me into her suburban as we shot down the road makeup-less and brazierre-less to scope out what she thought was a Lucy sighting........

Lucy is not coming home.

With help from the Hurst Animal Shelter it was discovered today that Lucy was actually NOT a "rescued" dog as we were led by 2 women to believe, but a "STOLEN" dog. Lucy had been reported stolen over 3 years ago by the family that she was reunited with on Saturday. We were led to believe by these women who represented themselves to be with "Paws of Paradise" that Lucy had been microchipped by their organization, when in reality the original family had microchipped her. That is how the connection was made on Saturday.

We are happy that they have been reunited, sad she is not here on her bed with us, and so mad that people can be so cruel.

Alot of mixed up feelings, and not really sure what I should do......write to the family, complain to "Paws of Paradise", cry a little more, be angry a little longer, but one thing is for sure...............

Lucy is not coming home and I'm sad.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I LOVE LUCY!......

and want her to come home!!
Yesterday, on Halloween of all days?? (Prank maybe?) our sweet, FAT, lazy, yellow lab, Lucy Girl, came up missing! She had been messing around with Glen in the driveway all morning and he put her in the backyard before we headed off to softball....... after the game we returned home to a closed gate and no Lucy. Lucy is most definitely too lazy to try and escape and over the 3 years we have had her, she has never ran away!Something smells shady about this to me?? I just hope if someone does have her they will return her to us. We miss our big Lucy Girl. She needs her bone and her bed!!
AND......We need her big soft head to kiss!!