Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Fireproof"....We're Taking "The Love Dare"!

Calling all wives to kidnap your husbands and surprise them with a date night to see "Fireproof", a new movie out tomorrow, from the creators of "Facing The Giants"! Glen has already asked, "Is this another one of your girly movies?"

"uhhhhh...maybe and by the way, you are taking the 40-day "Love Dare" Challenge too, so hush up and buy those tickets---HONEY!" ;o)
Go to & to check it out!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Softball Fever!

The Cruson's have caught the "Softball Fever"! All 4 of us are playing softball this season! Riley is a Diamondback, Hallie is a Wildcat, mom & dad are still on Seriously! Because we SERIOUSLY can't believe we're still playing! It is fun though and we enjoy all the fun evenings and afternoons at the ballpark. The Wildcats started off their season with a tie, the
Diamondbacks have one loss (0-1), and Seriously?!
Seriously.....come on now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a FUN RUN!

Yesterday was the big CES Boosterthon Fun Run! What a fun time the kids had, running to some great songs! Hallie ran 28 laps and with all of her donations from our sweet family & dear friends, she made it into the "Boosterthon Hall of Fame"! The gift of being a "Hall of Famer" included a whole plastic bag full of sporty stuff.....a handy-dandy terry cloth sweatband, a super-duper handy-dandy terry cloth wrist/sweat/watch band?, waterbottle, a football, some shoelaces, and a beach ball! This sweet bag of loot only cost us and our friends $284.00! You see the more you have people donate the more "PRIZES" you get! We did miss out on the ipod shuffle though, to score one of those we would have had to donate $35 per lap, therefore in reality paying...ummmmm..........calculator please.......yep! $980.00 for an ipod shuffle...What a steal!!!???? She was bummed that I wouldn't budge and go on ahead and donate the $35 per lap, but was quick to understand when I told her that if I did she'd have to
C-R-A-W-L the entire Fun Run and that she'd only better complete ONE lap at that! She decided against that scenerio especially since #1. she already has one and #2. If she truly desperately needed a 2nd one, we could just run to Target and get her one for $49.99 with her hord of gift cards!! Anyways.....We do want to thank all of you who donated to Hallie's run, she appreciates your generosity and thanks you so much!! Now on to the CMS fundraiser....wrapping paper anyone??!! hahahahaha!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Girly-Girl days are gone...I smell Huntin' Season!

Uh-OH! The air is turning cooler, the leaves are just about to fall, and football is in full swing.....eeeek.....I smell huntin' season! When my girls start to smell this kind of's all over!!! My darling days of taking them to the mall for some shopping, flat ironed, fruity smelling hair, polished nails fresh from a day of mani-pedis, nutritious (well sorta, I try??!) meals at night, comfy-cozy nights in warm, fluffy beds with clean & fresh sheets........hmmmm....Summer is officially over and now....Fall is Dad's turn..........weekends of sleeping in "the shack" at the deer lease on cots, driving the truck solo around the lease with dad sitting IN THE BACK, no baths for 3 days (not to mention NEVER changing their underwear), black nails filled with dirt, pockets full of interesting rocks and stinky snake skins, fruity smelling heads that transform into campfire scented, tick-living quarters. Not to mention dinners of Smores with Breece's delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies on the side, brushing their teeth---Heck! even bringing a toothbrush?? Forgeta bout it!! .... and through this fabulous season that I have all to myself....the only job I have is to remember this phrase that has become quite famous at our house through the years....."MOM! What happens at the deer lease STAYS at the deer lease!" (Well, and be ready for some "tick-searchin" and the mounds of laundry heading my way on Sunday nights!)

I have to proudly say, this priceless time with DAD---my girls seem to enjoy it alot more than their squeaky, clean, polished summer time with mom!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

The bright blue perfect sky that morning.

My mom calling telling me to turn on the Today Show, "quick"!

The confusion on TV as everyone in the media tried to figure out what was happening.

Eight month old Hallie bouncing in her exersaucer as I fixed 4 year old Riley's hair for her Pre-K class.

Sitting in front of the TV for days & days straight, crying, and praying that they would find just one more person alive.

Watching Ashley Banfield cover her first "huge story" sticking it out on that New York street, covered in dirt, with those big black glasses! (Remember those?!)

The chills I would get when I went outside and listened to the quiet clear skies as no planes flew over, for days.

Going to church wanting Pastor Frank to make sense of this tragedy for me, my family, and the world.

Feeling so sad & helpless that my two little girls had to live in such a cruel world now.

Feeling that I would NEVER be able to step onto a plane again.

Being so proud that we lived in a country where everyone stepped up to take care of those who were suffering.

Standing in a very long line with my sister, to give blood...(then giving her juice after she passed out.)

Seeing American flags hang from everywhere you looked as you drove around.

These are just my own personal memories of that day and those that followed. I can not imagine what the people that witnessed it, lost family & friends, and lived through it are feeling today. It was seven years ago and the details are still so clear as if it happened yesterday! May God continue to bless and protect this country and those who lost loved ones this day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love is in the air.........

It all started in Ms. Burge's Child Development class at Keller High School...uhhh.......20 years ago!! Well, it really started 22 years ago, but he just didn't know it!! I was in 8th grade and he was in 10th and I loved to sit in the pew behind him at church just so I could be near him, and get an occasional wiff of his "Polo" cologne. I had a crush and it was a BIG one! Then FINALLY, I was in 10th grade and he was a SENIOR and we got a CLASS TOGETHER..sat next to each other, and took care of our "eggs" together! OH!! It was a certain sophmore's dream come true!! But then....he graduated, moved on, and I figured he was gone for good.....UNTIL a certain "Fourth of July"... 6 years later...........we ran into each other again and as we like to say, "the fireworks flew"! Luckily, he caught "the crush" this time too and the history.....we married, had two beautiful real little "eggs" of our own, and continue to make a wonderful life together! SO...why am I rekindling all this "mush" today??
Because TODAY, September 9th, we celebrate THIRTEEN amazing years together, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! So lucky to have a precious God that had such a great & wonderful plan for the 2 of lucky to have the chance to know such an amazing guy for so long, have him become my best friend in the whole world, have him in my life every single day, share 2 fabulous little girls with him-- get to watch him love them, and teach them so many lucky to have Glen!
Of course, we are not perfect by any means, but we are perfectly in love and I thank you Glen, for the last 13 perfect years! I can't wait to grow old(er) with you!

Happy Anniversary! You are and always will "be my sunshine"!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Go Girl!

God Bless America and Mrs. Palin!
I've never been one to be too political, but she was good!
This just might get interesting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Summer Hoorah--uhoh!

Happy Labor Day.....took an "Uh-Oh!" turn when the family get together to celebrate one last "Summer Hoorah"...ended up in the local ER! Pepa, our sweetheart of an 88yr. old grandpa, spilled out onto the driveway after his failed attempt at "hopping" onto the back of his son's motorcycle! After 4 hours in the ER of patching him up, he was finally convinced it MIGHT be ok to ask for some help, now and then, especially when mounting a very large motorcyle! It's hard to keep a good cowboy down though--wouldn't blink twice if I saw him out on it tomorrow! Luckily, a torn up hand was all he ended up with......uhh...well, not to mention a largely bruised EGO! We love our Stubborn Mule of a Pepa though!!