Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Summer Hoorah--uhoh!

Happy Labor Day.....took an "Uh-Oh!" turn when the family get together to celebrate one last "Summer Hoorah"...ended up in the local ER! Pepa, our sweetheart of an 88yr. old grandpa, spilled out onto the driveway after his failed attempt at "hopping" onto the back of his son's motorcycle! After 4 hours in the ER of patching him up, he was finally convinced it MIGHT be ok to ask for some help, now and then, especially when mounting a very large motorcyle! It's hard to keep a good cowboy down though--wouldn't blink twice if I saw him out on it tomorrow! Luckily, a torn up hand was all he ended up with......uhh...well, not to mention a largely bruised EGO! We love our Stubborn Mule of a Pepa though!!

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