Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Hero!

A few posts back I had requested prayers for our sweet friend Bryce and his family as he underwent hip surgery! Thank you for the prayers! He is doing so well after a total of SEVEN surgeries on his legs and hips! He is recovering at home with his most favorite DVD player in the world, loving his new Hannah Montana 3D movie, and even enjoying the occasional pizza party! He is truly the toughest, strongest guy I know and has the sweetest, most unbelievable spirit! Bryce, we are so proud of you and hold you tight in our hearts as you recover!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School is in full swing!

School is well underway and the middle school is a breeze....what was that Riley so worried about??! ;0) She already even has a nickname at the middle school ..."The Locker Doctor"! She can open any combination lock in town! Even helped out a few friends over the past couple of days! She is loving the big change and all the hustle and bustle of switching classes. (phew-so thankful!)

Hallie is enjoying 2nd grade as well, had her 1st spelling test today and reported that she "doesn't think she did too good!" "Do you spell "Bear"......B-R-E??" uh-oh! "uhhh...N-O, not unless you're talking about your BARE bottom and then we might be getting somewhere!?" Gee-whiz!! But...the most important part to HER anyway is the social aspect of this whole charade and she is doing fabulous in that subject! (A++) Give that girl a cell phone number to memorize...bam! She's got it! 2+2....forget about it!!! Valdictorian: no way! Homecoming Queen: now we're talkin! (hehe!!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

There they go.....

Ugh! The day I have been dreading for a while now is upon me. There they go...back to school! After being told, "NO! You can't walk me into MIDDLE SCHOOL, MOTHER!" I did it...I let her go....alone! Now my mind swirls with those "freakish recurring nightmares" I STILL have in the middle of the night......can't remember my locker combination, can't find my books, can't find the classroom.....I forget the whole try-out cheer at try-outs!! Is she experiencing any of this RIGHT NOW as I sit here selfishly BLOGGING the day away!!!?? Shouldn't I be there to help her, rescue her??? This is one of those times they don't teach about in those "good for nothin' childbirth classes"!! How in the world do we let them grow up?? Wasn't she JUST standing in that Kindergarten hall with her claws in the wall, crying her eyes out....crying for me!? Now I've been told by that same little "crybaby" to STAY at home.....while she WALKS TO SCHOOL without ME! huh??!! OK, I'll dry it up and chalk it up to a "job well done"! She is a confident, beautiful, independent 6th grader who, thankfully, will do just fine on her own today and I am mighty proud of her!

Thank goodness, I have SOMEONE to walk to class today..........................2nd grade.. HERE WE COME! Woo-Hoo!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yard Dog Days of Summer!

I call it that because Glen has named the three of us...a bunch of "Yard Dogs". We haven't had breakfast at our house in 3 months! We like to call it brunch, because when you don't get out of bed until is then time to eat "brunch!" Yes, sadly the "Yard Dog Days of Summer" are coming to a close. This summer was one of the best yet........washer tournaments & ice cream parties in the driveway, swimming day after day, slumber parties with some TPing (permission given of course ;o) ), trying out every waterpark that we could Mapquest, Glen & I making it through softball with all of our limbs still attached, late night trips to get ice cream, and spending great time with our dearest friends & family! This summer was absolutley what treasured memories are made of and I hate to see it go, but don't think I didn't get excited to see all those pumpkins & scarecrows at Hobby Lobby!! Did I mention Fall is my favorite season TOO!!!!??

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Countdown to the School Bell!

It is truly unbelievable to think that this summer is g-o-n-e! Seems like I just dried my tears up from the 5th grade slide show! Now its time to go pick up my new 6th grader's SCHEDULE, and "Meet my little 2nd grader's Teacher!" Don't get me do I know that there is only 8 days, 192 hours, 11,520 minutes, 691,200 seconds till that school bell rings?? Because it is FUN to start back to school...time to see all the people that you didn't see over the summer, show off all the new school duds you picked up on "tax-free" weekend at the mall, show off your beautiful "SPF 70+" tan, and tell your friends all the gory family vacation details. Not to mention my own personal FUN....a fight-free, quiet house for 7 hours, mid-morning "guilt-free" naps in between "Young & The Restless" and "The Bold & The Beautiful", and possibly a little extra time to work on this "almost 40" sagging mess of a bod of mine that is sadly suffering from too much summer "Open after Midnight" runs to Sonic! So as I gently, yet reluctantly nudge my two "best friends of summer" to their new surroundings for the next 9 months, I send them with the verse that is wrapped around Rileys' wrist on a her new back to school bracelet she picked out to remind her that she can do this "middle school thing & do it well!".......... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

And by the way, yes, my two "little jewels" are more than ready to start school.........well at least fashion-wise they are........Hallie's big problem is ...."Which one should she wear???"

Stay tuned for our 1st day of school pictures and we'll let you know what she picks!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Prayers for Bryce!

Please send up prayers for the Unger family this week, especially for Bryce! He is undergoing extensive hip surgery on Thursday, August 21st! Let's all lift them up this week, as well as the Drs. and nurses caring for him. We pray for peace and comfort for him as he recovers and wisdom and strength for those by his side.
"And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up." James 5:14, 15a

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Crusons Visit The Alamo!

This summer we enjoyed a much needed family getaway to San Antonio! We packed alot into those 6 days......we toured the Alamo, strolled down the Riverwalk, saw alot of creepy things at Ripley's Believe It or Not, met a few "famous faces" at The Wax Museum (Brad Pitt, by far, was MOM's favorite)! We even spent a whole day at Sea World, where we fed the dolphins, and took in TWO Shamu shows! But, hands down, we all agreed that the best part of the whole trip was just enjoying our time together (we even had fun on our way home in the UN-airconditioned car)! Glen and I remind each other everyday of how God has blessed us in so many ways!

We are blessed to have each other, and truly blessed with God's most precious gifts-our two beautiful, amazing girls!