Monday, August 25, 2008

There they go.....

Ugh! The day I have been dreading for a while now is upon me. There they go...back to school! After being told, "NO! You can't walk me into MIDDLE SCHOOL, MOTHER!" I did it...I let her go....alone! Now my mind swirls with those "freakish recurring nightmares" I STILL have in the middle of the night......can't remember my locker combination, can't find my books, can't find the classroom.....I forget the whole try-out cheer at try-outs!! Is she experiencing any of this RIGHT NOW as I sit here selfishly BLOGGING the day away!!!?? Shouldn't I be there to help her, rescue her??? This is one of those times they don't teach about in those "good for nothin' childbirth classes"!! How in the world do we let them grow up?? Wasn't she JUST standing in that Kindergarten hall with her claws in the wall, crying her eyes out....crying for me!? Now I've been told by that same little "crybaby" to STAY at home.....while she WALKS TO SCHOOL without ME! huh??!! OK, I'll dry it up and chalk it up to a "job well done"! She is a confident, beautiful, independent 6th grader who, thankfully, will do just fine on her own today and I am mighty proud of her!

Thank goodness, I have SOMEONE to walk to class today..........................2nd grade.. HERE WE COME! Woo-Hoo!!

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