Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yard Dog Days of Summer!

I call it that because Glen has named the three of us...a bunch of "Yard Dogs". We haven't had breakfast at our house in 3 months! We like to call it brunch, because when you don't get out of bed until is then time to eat "brunch!" Yes, sadly the "Yard Dog Days of Summer" are coming to a close. This summer was one of the best yet........washer tournaments & ice cream parties in the driveway, swimming day after day, slumber parties with some TPing (permission given of course ;o) ), trying out every waterpark that we could Mapquest, Glen & I making it through softball with all of our limbs still attached, late night trips to get ice cream, and spending great time with our dearest friends & family! This summer was absolutley what treasured memories are made of and I hate to see it go, but don't think I didn't get excited to see all those pumpkins & scarecrows at Hobby Lobby!! Did I mention Fall is my favorite season TOO!!!!??

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