Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School is in full swing!

School is well underway and the middle school is a breeze....what was that Riley so worried about??! ;0) She already even has a nickname at the middle school ..."The Locker Doctor"! She can open any combination lock in town! Even helped out a few friends over the past couple of days! She is loving the big change and all the hustle and bustle of switching classes. (phew-so thankful!)

Hallie is enjoying 2nd grade as well, had her 1st spelling test today and reported that she "doesn't think she did too good!" "Do you spell "Bear"......B-R-E??" uh-oh! "uhhh...N-O, not unless you're talking about your BARE bottom and then we might be getting somewhere!?" Gee-whiz!! But...the most important part to HER anyway is the social aspect of this whole charade and she is doing fabulous in that subject! (A++) Give that girl a cell phone number to memorize...bam! She's got it! 2+2....forget about it!!! Valdictorian: no way! Homecoming Queen: now we're talkin! (hehe!!)

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