Sunday, August 17, 2008

Countdown to the School Bell!

It is truly unbelievable to think that this summer is g-o-n-e! Seems like I just dried my tears up from the 5th grade slide show! Now its time to go pick up my new 6th grader's SCHEDULE, and "Meet my little 2nd grader's Teacher!" Don't get me do I know that there is only 8 days, 192 hours, 11,520 minutes, 691,200 seconds till that school bell rings?? Because it is FUN to start back to school...time to see all the people that you didn't see over the summer, show off all the new school duds you picked up on "tax-free" weekend at the mall, show off your beautiful "SPF 70+" tan, and tell your friends all the gory family vacation details. Not to mention my own personal FUN....a fight-free, quiet house for 7 hours, mid-morning "guilt-free" naps in between "Young & The Restless" and "The Bold & The Beautiful", and possibly a little extra time to work on this "almost 40" sagging mess of a bod of mine that is sadly suffering from too much summer "Open after Midnight" runs to Sonic! So as I gently, yet reluctantly nudge my two "best friends of summer" to their new surroundings for the next 9 months, I send them with the verse that is wrapped around Rileys' wrist on a her new back to school bracelet she picked out to remind her that she can do this "middle school thing & do it well!".......... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

And by the way, yes, my two "little jewels" are more than ready to start school.........well at least fashion-wise they are........Hallie's big problem is ...."Which one should she wear???"

Stay tuned for our 1st day of school pictures and we'll let you know what she picks!

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Kara said...

Hey Melissa, this is Melissa Higgin's sister, Kara. I love the post and you know I am kinda fond of girls. :) The pics of your girl's are precious. I hope this school year finds them well.
I wanted to let you know of a blogspot that is perfect for you now as you are entering the tween years.
Vicki Courtney is incredible and loves teen girls, definetly a passion. She has up to date info and "alerts" for moms of teens. Check her out and I know you won't be dissapointed.
Take care.