Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New "C-Force"

I took the girls and their friend Berkley to see "G-Force",
the new animated action movie where Guinea Pigs save the world against kitchen appliances that are trying to take over! The movie pretty much lost me to my afternoon slumber when the "coffee machine" turned violent, but the characters were so cute that all the girls convinced us to get them their own little "C-Force".
Today, started with Berkley's mom texting me with reports of "Diamond" being purchased.....and that was all that needed to be said (well, texted)............

Soon the Tahoe was en route... to 1st see "Diamond" in "real guinea pig person" and then to obtain 2 "small heroes" of our own from the local PetSmart!!

Evidently, it was in a previous contract somewhere that... "if any small rodents were ever purchased in this household, each child would receive their own". The girls were shocked that I had apparently forgotten this particular clause as they were each picking out a "pig", placing them into "Build A Bear" type carry-home boxes, and wildly searching the depths of my purse for my Visa Debit Card to pay for the critters, BEFORE I changed my nutty mind.........thus,

"C-Force" was born......................


"Diamond", she uses her sparkling personality to swoon the bad guys.

"Peanut", she is just nuts! Using her agility and energy to keep the group going.

"Lola" is the lazy one of the bunch. If she is in charge, it's time to chill!

Luckily, they came with their own "security guard" and deluxe accomodations!

Unfortunately, though, when we got them home it was discovered that our little "C-Force" did not speak OR drive cars like this?!!

New Pair of Undies, Please!

Such a shame that I got MYSELF the other night!!
I was in my favorite "Facebooking, Blogging Chair" and when I finished up I sat my laptop down (FYI: pictures are a re-enactment).....
I shut the case and then literally JUMPED OUT OF MY SKIN!! The plastic rat that I had picked up off the floor and sat on the stool earlier in the day was waiting for me on the other side of my laptop.

I just about wet myself!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forever, please?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to sit out in the driveway in the evenings in my lawn chair with my "faithful footstool"......beside my sweet husband as the girls play and we just watch the cars drive by and talk about our day?

It's even better when good friends stop by and join us!!

Can this summer just last forever, please?!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cruson Summer Concert Series

What do you get when you have a new Hannah Montana 3 CD from Target and backwards placed homemade foam visors from Walmart........
A giant broom and a broken play guitar....

A homemade stage .....

And a backup dancer?

Welcome To The Cruson Summer Concert Series!!

Starring.....My little ROCKSTARS!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will You Pray?!

Dear ALL Prayer Warriors!!

Sweet Stellan, the baby on the right of the page, is in trouble again. His little heart is so sick and he is hospitalized, trying to find just the right amount of medication to regulate that stubborn little ticker of his!
I've never met Baby Stellan or his mother, but through my new found "blog world", they feel like family, as she shares their life through funny stories and beautiful pictures!
Please take a moment today to send up a prayer for this precious trooper, Stellan, his mother who has amazing strength, his dad, and his brothers and sister who are waiting for him to come back home!

We are praying for you Stellan!!

How About A Backyard Watch Party?

Every summer we have a big Summer Bash...we have friends over, cook out, have waterslides, bounce houses, lots of games, and lots of fun. Well, this year we had the party planned, invites filled out, bounce houses reserved, and then the Extreme Makeover experience happened and the party was put on "HOLD". After all of the Makeover Excitement, we decided that instead of a "Summer Party" we would have a "Watch Party" on the day the show aired on ABC.

So I started checking with our local movie theater about renting out a theater the Sunday night that the show is on and setting up some pizza for our guests. The fella was so nice emailing back and forth with me, getting all the details and was sweet enough to send me over a "proposal" on a Saturday afternoon!

Much like a deer with headlights shining brightly in its eyes, I opened the proposal and promptly needed a quick bout of CPR, from my "always supportive of my parties" husband. The total of a night's theater rental would only be $4,000!......and that is AFTER a very generous $2000 DISCOUNT, for I'm not sure what? Maybe a "a big giant dose of ridiculous" discount?

FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!? I promptly responded via email with that CRAZY, OFF HIS ROCKER theater man, "$4,000? I said I wanted a theater rental, NOT A BOOB JOB!" For the record, my "always supportive of my parties" husband was much more in favor of that option than any frivilous spending on a theater rental!!
Good Heavens, we could have a luxurious night in a deluxe villa at Caesars Palace in Vegas for less than that ("Supportive" husband liked this idea much better too)!! I think the helpful, but CRAZY, OFF HIS ROCKER theater man thinks I want the WHOLE PLACE rented out or something?!!
So now I'm on to Plan B, which is to 1st "Blog About It", then 2nd...."Google More Options?"
Since our local theater is like $3500 OVER my budget!

I'm thinking we pull the old Magnavox out in the yard with my big brown extension cord, throw some hot dogs on the grill, and call it a party.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I Love About Summertime!!

S...leeping really late!
U...nbelievable fun days & nights!
M...any friends over!
M...any trips to the Waterpark!
E...venings sitting in the yard!
R...eally late trips to Sonic!
T...ons of Ice Cream!
I...nviting everyone over!
M...aking Memories!
E...venings staying up really late!

F...abulous friends!
U...V rays!
N...othing like SUMMERTIME!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Perfect Host.....

How do you welcome 3 new little neighbors who have just arrived in the Great State of Texas after traveling many many hours from the far Middle East?



After Glen completed his Man Vs. Wild exhibition show, he asked the 3 little girls, "So what do you think?" The 11 yr. old piped in and said, "This looks much like the inside of the sheep I play with overseas."
I quickly turned to my tobacco spittin', wild outdoorsman, with his eyes popped out of their sockets.......and snipped, "Sheep guts, hmmmm?? This one's gonna give you a run for your money!"
I think they enjoyed it, because as they skipped back to their new home, they yelled back, "What time do you want us over tomorrow?"

Show Us Your Life, Host Kelly's Korner!!

Over at Kelly's Korner, she is hosting "Show Us Your Life" and today is.... Your WEDDING DRESS!
Being that the day that I married my "dream come true" was one of the BEST days of my life I had to join in on the fun!
Wow! This was wayyy back in 1995, "somebody" (in the black suit) has alot more hair and "somebody else" (in the big white dress) has alot less "muffin top"!!
I try every anniversary to step into and zip this beautiful dress, but it appears to keep shrinking over the years as it hangs in my closet! This year my sweet 8 year old wanted to try it on......Won't she be a lovely bride one day? day far, far away!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Try This At Home....

I had always heard..."Don't put POP ROCKS in your mouth and then drink soda."

Well, guess who couldn't stand it and had to see what happened!?
These 3 yahoo's.....................
First, it was Bubbly.....

Then turned Foamy....

Then it got really really Fizzzzzzzy...

.......and then they turned into this!!!
See I told them not to try it......
They never listen!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Any Comment?

I have had a couple of requests to fix my blog so that comments from "non-bloggers" can be made. Consider it done.
Now if you'd like to leave a comment:
Just click on the "comments" section that appears after the post,
Leave a comment and then click the "Anonymous" option.
I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God Bless the Pickles!

My girls and their friends are at the age that they are so much fun to hang out with....
They love to shop, and be crazy fun......but....
I think they just like me to come along to buy the fried pickles! But I'll keep buying them as long as they keep inviting me!Thanks girls for a super fun day!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Seems like after last week's excitement, life is kinda boring around here....not much to talk about.
Guess I could talk about the vacation we are planning....but then what would I talk about when we head out on our road trip in August?
I could talk about the socialist movement that this country is spiraling into...but I don't feel like having my blood pressure up today!
I could talk about what in the world is going on in this picture.....but that might be more boring than it really looks.....
So I guess I'll just wrap up for today and head off to work, nothing boring about that place lately!
Have a GREAT WEEK everybody!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Back to the real world...... I've traded in my hardhat for a .....stethoscope.
My blue T-shirt in for.... a blue scrub top.
My work gloves for..... some rubber gloves.
The night shift for....the evening shift.
Manure mulch for...uhhhh...the real thing.
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do....
Workin' for free..just don't pay the bills!
Here's to a great weekend of Rehab Nursing!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some EXTREME Final Thoughts........

I admit, I was a bit star-struck by the "Hollywood" side of this project, excited to meet the familiar TV personalities that come into our home every Sunday evening, but as I journeyed through this process with my amazing husband, I was quickly reminded who the real heroes of this story were........The Marshalls, the builders who stood on the hot tin roof in 100+ heat to give this family their dream home, the stone workers who breathed the dry mortar into their lungs hour after hour, the Police who showed up to move thousands of pounds of rock across the lot in this EXTREME TEXAS heat just to support and help one of their own, the hundreds of people who showed up around the clock to make sure everyone had water in their hands, the restaurants who donated food, Dippin Dots & Dairy Queen who gave free ice cream to everyone, landscapers who didn't sleep for 3 days straight, friends who kept their friend's kids for days so that their parents could work around the clock, friends who loaded their cars with pallet after pallet of flowers to get them to this family's yard, without even batting an eye (never complaining that the pallets were full of spiders, frogs, and yellow jackets......), old high school friends who came at midnight to help water the yard, the men who made sure the porta-potties were functioning and stocked, people who picked up trash, I could really go on and on.
I hope to get my point across......of course, we need beautiful Hollywood to pop in here and there tape a few scenes to attract viewers, of course we need strong, burly Country Music stars to show up, get a shot of himself welding a little, then boot-scoot back to his trailer, this makes people interested, want to watch...I'm first to call myself guilty......... I couldn't wait to meet TY, which I must add NEVER HAPPENED. I'm sure the little guy gets tired of signing his name??? and that's why the whole cast took pictures and signed for everyone, but him?? I am guilty of jumping at the chance to get my picture taken with Trace Adkins and then having my heart sink when I saw him turn down a little girl who asked for his autograph once the cameras were off.......But lesson learned and I'm so proud of my girls.....for asking for the Landscapers and the Electricians autographs FIRST!

May we always keep in perspective what really goes on in these EXTREME MAKEOVERS, it is the community of hard-working everyday people pulling together and pouring their hearts into the trade that they do best, in most cases, for a complete stranger, so that this person may have a better, easier life in times of EXTREME hardship.
I'm truly grateful for ABC and the EXTREME MAKEOVER TEAM that make these projects possible for very deserving families, but my heart swells when I think of the everyday people that come together and give the project actual life!
We were so blessed and are thankful that the opportunity arose for our family to help with this life changing experience for this precious family in need!