Sunday, July 12, 2009

UPDATED Extremely (Restful) Makeover Day #3

UPDATE: God must've heard my prayer, we were notified that the Landscaping portion has been pushed back a day and will not start until Tuesday evening. EVENING! ah-ha!! A little less HEAT in the evenings! Thank you Lord! It has been reported that many have fallen ill, workers & spectators, on this project due to the EXTREME HEAT. Please send up prayers for all involved that this project will be completed and noone will be become seriously ill or injured in the process.
Today we are gearing up for Day #4.
Tomorrow is Landscape Installation Day for Lancaster's Extreme Makeover Home Edition!
Glen is finalizing all the blueprints for one AWESOME GORGEOUS landscape, (have I mentioned how I think he ROCKS?!) Meanwhile, I am running all over town, buying up all the "Cool-Its" I can find to freeze and tie all over my body!

I'm a little nervous. This will be the 1st time in 14 years that I have actually worked out in the "field" with Glen. I've always kinda been the "behind the scenes, in the air conditioning, keep your clothes clean & smelling pretty, keep your arm-pits dry & fresh, resting while eating Bon-Bons" kind of TopLawn & Landscape employee....signing checks, paying bills, etc...But tomorrow will be a get sweaty, get your Walgreens Press-On nails dirty kind of day.......I hear he's a "tough boss" to work for too........

Just hope I don't get one of these........

BEFORE I get to meet Ty!

Meet Ty?! Sheesh! Apparently, something I'll only get to dream about!

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