Friday, July 17, 2009

Extremely (Exhausting) Makeover Day #6

This post is for Wednesday's Makeover Day #6:

Tonight was a dig deep kind of night. Dig deep to get the sprinkler system into the ground, dig deep to get the plants in, dig deep to plant hundreds of beautiful flowers, and dig deep to find the strength to get it done. I found myself singing over and over the words that are playing now (turn the volume up if you haven't already)...

Britt Nicole reminds us "Don't let your lights go down, don't let your fire burn out, cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe" and The Marshall Family needed us all to dig deep and give them a reason to believe....and that's just what we did.
Just as we felt like we couldn't dig another hole, our shoes were filled with mud, water, and rocks...... most people, like Glen hadn't slept in over 40 hours.........we'd think of the struggles this family faces on a daily basis and why we were there and suddenly, that rocky Lancaster ground didn't feel quiet as hard??

Oh, who am I kidding...yes it did! We just knew we were there for a purpose and it was gonna get done, (or Glen & Brandon would descend their wrath upon us)! So we kept singing and digging until the sun came up and it really took shape!

Only a day left till we scream..."MOVE THAT BUS!" Stay tuned!!

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