Thursday, July 2, 2009

Barn Raising 2009 Style!

Wikipedia defines "Barn Raising" as, "an event during which a community comes together to assemble a barn for 1 or more households..." A tradition very popular in the early 1900's. Today is 2009, and ABC has its very own popular version of "Barn Raising", it's called....

Sunday nights, we usually grab our tissues, the remote, and sit down to tear up with Ty and the gang as communities come together and bless family after family, week after week.
Recently, I have been throwing out hints here and there about an exciting Summer Surprise..... though me expecting a third child, really would have been a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!! that is NOT it!!

Glen was invited to be the "Landscape Designer" on an upcoming EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION PROJECT! ABC/Extreme Makeover has picked a local family and will surprise them with a "GooooooooD Moooorning ________Family"! on July 10th!! From there it will be full-speed "Barn Raising" fun and excitement in some swelting Texas Heat as a North Texas community comes together and showers one deserving family with love and blessings!!
Of course, I hope to meet Ty ..... stare at Ty....go gaga over Ty....
and tear up with Pauly on occasion, but mostly, I am excited to be a part of something so meaningful at a time when it feels like not so many blessings are being passed around. I hope that Glen and I will use this experience and come to realize how truly blessed our family is in so many ways. We have many unlucky bumps that are thrown in our way at times, as does everyone, but my hope is that we see those for what they are, MINOR, as compared to what many others face on a daily basis.
How precious a gift to be able to use your talents, such as Glen to make another family's life easier and happier even if just for a moment.

If you would like to volunteer on this project, please visit and sign up today!

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