Friday, July 10, 2009

Goooood Mooorning Marshall Family!!

Today the local family was announced for EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION! The Marshall Family from Lancaster, Texas!! Officer Marshall was shot in the line of duty as he served on the Dallas Police SWAT team. He is now deaf, partially paralyzed, and has since suffered through a stroke and meningitits. Their young daughter suffers from seizures as well. The family volunteers their time with TROT, a form of horse therapy for children with disabilities. What a deserving family!

We are so excited to be a part of making this family's need for more accomodating living conditions become a reality! Glen has worked countless hours and had many sleepless nights trying to make this family's outdoor landscape perfect for them! I am so proud of him and know this means so much to him, to make this family's home beautiful, not only on the inside, but give them a place that they can retreat to and enjoy outside as well.

Today is day #1............

We are well stocked and ready for the heat....

Our front yard looks like a "Flower Farm", housing amazingly beautiful plants and flowers that were so generously donated by local vendors.......
I hope we can keep these babies alive until Monday, the day they are scheduled to be planted for this family!

We went out to the house tonight, the girls and I hoping to get a peek at a certain popular TV show host...but unlucky were we in our search! But Glen was able to make a delivery of some pretty and super-heavy flagstone. I'm just happy it all made it there in one piece, especially since I was driving in the car behind him on our trip out!!

It promises to be a HOT, but very rewarding 7 days! (The producer told us that Ty's contract states, "that he is to take his shirt off for any temps over 60 degrees")........Did I mention REWARDING?!

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