Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New "C-Force"

I took the girls and their friend Berkley to see "G-Force",
the new animated action movie where Guinea Pigs save the world against kitchen appliances that are trying to take over! The movie pretty much lost me to my afternoon slumber when the "coffee machine" turned violent, but the characters were so cute that all the girls convinced us to get them their own little "C-Force".
Today, started with Berkley's mom texting me with reports of "Diamond" being purchased.....and that was all that needed to be said (well, texted)............

Soon the Tahoe was en route... to 1st see "Diamond" in "real guinea pig person" and then to obtain 2 "small heroes" of our own from the local PetSmart!!

Evidently, it was in a previous contract somewhere that... "if any small rodents were ever purchased in this household, each child would receive their own". The girls were shocked that I had apparently forgotten this particular clause as they were each picking out a "pig", placing them into "Build A Bear" type carry-home boxes, and wildly searching the depths of my purse for my Visa Debit Card to pay for the critters, BEFORE I changed my nutty mind.........thus,

"C-Force" was born......................


"Diamond", she uses her sparkling personality to swoon the bad guys.

"Peanut", she is just nuts! Using her agility and energy to keep the group going.

"Lola" is the lazy one of the bunch. If she is in charge, it's time to chill!

Luckily, they came with their own "security guard" and deluxe accomodations!

Unfortunately, though, when we got them home it was discovered that our little "C-Force" did not speak OR drive cars like this?!!

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Kara said...

You two are cracking me up with these new little additions to yalls families.
I would have to say its starting to give me the itch but ryan would hang me if i brought another creature in our house. I think i wore him out wanting 3 kids!
So cute though. I told Mis that i still am the animal lover and she is the sucker. :D