Sunday, July 26, 2009

How About A Backyard Watch Party?

Every summer we have a big Summer Bash...we have friends over, cook out, have waterslides, bounce houses, lots of games, and lots of fun. Well, this year we had the party planned, invites filled out, bounce houses reserved, and then the Extreme Makeover experience happened and the party was put on "HOLD". After all of the Makeover Excitement, we decided that instead of a "Summer Party" we would have a "Watch Party" on the day the show aired on ABC.

So I started checking with our local movie theater about renting out a theater the Sunday night that the show is on and setting up some pizza for our guests. The fella was so nice emailing back and forth with me, getting all the details and was sweet enough to send me over a "proposal" on a Saturday afternoon!

Much like a deer with headlights shining brightly in its eyes, I opened the proposal and promptly needed a quick bout of CPR, from my "always supportive of my parties" husband. The total of a night's theater rental would only be $4,000!......and that is AFTER a very generous $2000 DISCOUNT, for I'm not sure what? Maybe a "a big giant dose of ridiculous" discount?

FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!? I promptly responded via email with that CRAZY, OFF HIS ROCKER theater man, "$4,000? I said I wanted a theater rental, NOT A BOOB JOB!" For the record, my "always supportive of my parties" husband was much more in favor of that option than any frivilous spending on a theater rental!!
Good Heavens, we could have a luxurious night in a deluxe villa at Caesars Palace in Vegas for less than that ("Supportive" husband liked this idea much better too)!! I think the helpful, but CRAZY, OFF HIS ROCKER theater man thinks I want the WHOLE PLACE rented out or something?!!
So now I'm on to Plan B, which is to 1st "Blog About It", then 2nd...."Google More Options?"
Since our local theater is like $3500 OVER my budget!

I'm thinking we pull the old Magnavox out in the yard with my big brown extension cord, throw some hot dogs on the grill, and call it a party.

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