Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UPDATED: Extemely (Busy) Makeover Day #5

UPDATE: I forgot to mention (referring to yesterday's post)......I didn't really break any rules with the picture taking, no one seemed to care if you took pictures..... as long as it wasn't of the interior of the house, and I HAD A PAULIE SIGHTING!!!
Original Post: Can you say HARD Manual Labor........
in 83degree weather!?! woo-hoo! I'll take that over 108 anyday! **TopLawn requests all the night shifts please!** We worked through the night and got most of the landscape and sprinkler system in! So far it is amazing! I asked Glen if he was donating a year's supply of Round Up for this poor homeowner, because she is going to have some flower beds to maintain! We might see her on the TV jumping with excitement, crying tears of joy, and then hopping back on the bus and saying, "Back to Disneyland please!".... when she sees the size of this ginormous landscape!

It was incredible to see how each trade worked together, worked on top of each other, worked over each other, and even under at times to get the job done! An experience that we are proud to be a part of!

I was soooo excited to see some familiar faces to work with last night! Ms. Dana (both of my girls' preschool teacher..LOVE HER!) and the funniest girl from Facebook, a high school friend, Michelle!! We laughed the night away as we tried to "blend" in with the landscaping crew. She even brought me a POMPOM to cheer these workers on with! LOVE HER too!!!

After only 2 quick hours of sleep, Glen is back at it today, tweeking the sprinkler system. I'm going out later with the girls and our dear friends just to "spectate" tonight. More HARD MANUAL LABOR tomorrow...........Stay Tuned!

"MOVE THAT BUS" is less than 3 days away!!!!

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