Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life, Host Kelly's Korner!!

Over at Kelly's Korner, she is hosting "Show Us Your Life" and today is.... Your WEDDING DRESS!
Being that the day that I married my "dream come true" was one of the BEST days of my life I had to join in on the fun!
Wow! This was wayyy back in 1995, "somebody" (in the black suit) has alot more hair and "somebody else" (in the big white dress) has alot less "muffin top"!!
I try every anniversary to step into and zip this beautiful dress, but it appears to keep shrinking over the years as it hangs in my closet! This year my sweet 8 year old wanted to try it on......Won't she be a lovely bride one day? day far, far away!!!!!


Ashley said...

What an adorable picture of your little girl! I think your dress was gorgeous!

Kelly said...

Beautiful dress!!!

Sarah said...

I'm another 90's bride -- amazing how times change, isn't it? But I adore looking back at "the way we were." My 4 year old isn't big enough to try on my dress yet (not to mention, it's at my parents house), but she LOVES wearing my veil crown around. The photo of your daughter wearing your dress and veil is absolutely precious.