Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Televised Funerals for These Cake Bosses!

Today was the televised Memorial Service for The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Starting around noon, any channel that you turned to, unless you wanted to watch Caillou on PBS, was All-Access Jackson coverage.
Still in my PJs at the noon hour, I vowed I would NOT get up from my assumed-horizontal lazy postion on the floor until the service was over...time for some shut eye! The girls were desperate, they did not know, did not care to look at, and did not want to watch a memorial service for this guy......we call The King of Pop. The first hour they dawdled around, the second hour they yanked on my feet, as I lay face down with a pillow over my head yelling, "Not till it's over! Scram..I'm sleeping grieving"!!
They were anxiously awaiting for me to get up, get movin', and get them to the store, because they were wanting to bake! Their new all-time favorite show, since the split of "America's Favorite Couple of Multiples", Jon & Kate, is "The Cake Boss". They love that show and were ready to make some "fondant"! You know
F-O-N-D-A-N-T (?)... apparently just a big dallop of slimy shortening mixed with sticky corn syrup and powdery sugar! YAK! Yum!

Finally, it was the howling of the Rev. Al Sharpton who successfully revived me from my almost 3 o'clock slumber and after grabbing a couple of pals to "Cake Boss" with us, it was off to the store. With a basket full of cake making material, a couple of bags of balloons, and citrusy scented shower gel...the oven was finally pre-heating at 350!

Needless to say, we quickly realized that we are no "Cake Bosses", but an A++ was received for effort for all of those involved.

Riley eventually ended up in tears and collapsing on the counter, surrending to the fact that becoming a "Cake Boss" might involve a little more than reviewing & following our "Strawberry Shortcake Easy Does It" Recipe book!

Hallie, Chandler, and Berkley, well, they just hoped their cakes stayed upright long enough to get all the chocolate dipped strawberries eaten, before they toppled.

Unfortunately, the fridge looks like this and was unable to house the tilting concoctions overnight, so I put down some plastic and will wait to see what has become of them in the morning.

The night ended with....
Riley requesting a "Grown Up" cookbook,
Berkley and Chandler requesting cake for breakfast, and
Hallie requesting that MY funeral NOT be televised!

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