Monday, July 13, 2009

Extremely (ALL-NIGHT) Makeover Day #4

OK....after last night's update......things changed again!! Now we are scheduled to start tonight at 6pm and work all night! YES!! My time of day---my blood doesn't start actually running through my veins until about 7pm anyway, so this should be FUN! Also, if I remember correctly the HOT SCORCHING TEXAS SUN goes down about 9ish too! Yee-Hawww!!! I might do this thing without a heat stroke!!

One bummer of a note....if you are on the working side, the rules state, CAMERAS NOT ALLOWED. "What?!" Do they not know I have a blog about this exciting stuff!? I just might have to be hopping over the fence, be a spectator, take a picture....hop the fence, be a worker, and so on. The rules also state that if they see you with a camera, you will be asked to leave. I might save this rule-breaking act for about 5am, (when my blood puts a halt on running through my veins), whip out my camera, get a couple of shots......and beg to be asked to leave. (just jokin!)

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