Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Champion's Beach Party!

We had the WILDCATS End of the Season Beach Party and great fun was had by all!
We enjoyed an evening of great friends, fabulous food, swimming, ice cream sundaes, whip cream fights, washers, and ping-pong.
We are so very proud of these girls! Their hard work, dedication, and great teamwork put a 1st Place trophy in their little hands and a 1st Place Championship Medal around their sweet little necks! They each earned a cute little Webkinz for all the amazing popflies they caught, thanks to our precious Dugout Coach Ms. Susan!

We think each one of these girls are the greatest, but MADDOG #31 will ALWAYS be my all-time favorite!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Switched At Birth?

If we didn't look almost exactly alike, I would have to swear this child was switched at birth!What a smart cookie she is, if I may brag a moment!
Friday was the 6th grade Awards Ceremony. Riley took home the 6th Grade MATH Award and was named one of the 6th grade Outstanding Students!

We are so very proud of her! The MATH Award! Those were unheard of in our house when I was growing up! Glen's house too! Poor Riley has achieved success in Math all on her own this year! She would come home with some doozies for homework and Glen and I would get so frustrated we would write notes on the homework to the teacher sometimes saying, "This is just stupid!" I'm sure Riley would just quietly remove those before turning in her work or just tell her sweet teacher, "Please excuse them, they both went to Keller!"

Needless to say, Glen and I, by no means, are Math whizzes, in college I had to start in REMEDIAL Math! So I am over the moon that Riley does like Math and does very well in it!

The Outstanding Student Award is such an honor and I am so very proud of her for this special award! This award is voted on by the teachers and takes every aspect of the child into consideration; academics, personality, & overall character. This speaks volumes to the amazing sweet girl that she is. She truly shines everywhere she goes.

We love you so much Riley and are so very proud of you and all that you are!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lessons Learned........

.........On our field trip to the City Library, by Me.

Lesson #1 Don't try and be a smarty-pants and say a prayer asking the Good Lord to bless the field trip with Brad Pitt as the Library's Share Reader.

Because what you will get is a very very sweet, soft spoken librarian dressed in a homemade denim cowgirl get-up, with fringe made out of friendship pins, topped off with a red cowgirl hat, whispering to the crowd about how much she loves Cowboys.

Lesson #2 When the very very sweet Cowgirl Librarian, who really loves Cowboys, asks you to "give her 3" does NOT mean to give her 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 pennies, or even 3 books???

It means to (1) "Turn UP your ears" (2) Turn DOWN your mouths (3) Put your hands to your SIDES! and you best "give her 3" if you don't want to be lassoed!

Lesson #3 What the bottom of the bookdrop looks like.

As time ticked slower than molasses in January, our poor Cowgirl was searching for anything to entertain her restless corral. The bookdrop! She took only 8 at a time, to see "where the books land when you turn them in"! My daughter was not amused when I asked her to take the camera in & snap a picture when it was her "crazy 8" turn to peep down into the bookdrop, so I could add some pictures to my blog when I write about this one! Just as the Cowgirl was not amused when I raised my hand and asked if we could see the microwave in the Library's breakroom next.

Lesson #4 When the Library Card Maker welcomes you to town and asks where you came from........make something up.

Thinking that this is the best time as any to get the family some Library cards, (since my child was the only child in the "library corral" not raising her hand when the Cowgirl asked, "Who has ever done our summer reading program?" Only to be sitting there smiling & quietly adoring the red straw cowgirl hat on the Cowgirl's head.)

I decide...maybe it is time to introduce my girls to the Library this summer! the desk I gallop. After filling out the necessary paperwork, the Library Card Maker says, "Oh honey! Welcome, you must be new in town, where'd you move from?" I, ever so quickly to catch on, reply, "Oh NO! I've lived here all my li...........fe!" ohhhhh! uh-oh!
After watching the 2 Library Card Maker ladies glance disapprovingly at each other, and then back my to be saying, "Lived here your whole life and JUST NOW getting a Library Card?! hmmmmmm? Mom of The Year....We think NOT!"

I responded ever so slyly with, "Oh! I'm sorry did I say new cards, I meant replacement cards....we just need updated pictures!"

Smile honey!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Lord,

UPDATE: Back from the City Library and I can assure you Brad Pitt WAS NOT the Share Reader Today!
Today I am walking to the City Library with approximately (120) 2nd graders.

I pray for patience, strength, a safe trip for us all.........

and that Brad Pitt is the Share Reader!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Consider us warned!

Meet Hallie.

She is our 8 year old.
She does not like to sleep in her own room.

She starts out there, but about 3am every morning...I hear those pattering feet coming down the hall, and then the bounce at the end of the bed as she catapults herself into the middle of Glen and I.
An 8 yr old, a yorkie, and a mom & dad are alot of people in one bed, elbows are thrown, knees are knocked, backs are kinked, but this has become a norm around here lately.

The other morning our little nightime visitor got a bit upset at her dad and I as we caught those last few minutes before the alarm started going off. She claims that mom had all the covers which made her freeze and dad kept elbowing her in the back. After we got our morning started she barked, "Consider yourselves warned, if dad jabbed me in the back one more time, I was gonna go back into my room and sleep there!"

Without busting out laughing too hard, Glen barked back..."PROMISE!!?"

"Well," I told him, "I am glad she at least "warned us"!?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three Of My Favorite Soldiers!

Happy Memorial Day!
As we celebrate with friends and family and enjoy the day off, may we remember those who fight for our freedoms.
Here are three of my FAVORITE soldiers.
Thank you for your bravery and service.
We love you!
Bob Cruson
Army - Vietnam Era
Specialist in Communications Group in Ft. Benning, GA
Johnny Wilson
US Army July 1966- July 1968
7th Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, Korean DMZ
Several fire fights with the Republic of North Korean Army on the Korean DMZ in 1967
6th Calvary, Fort Meade, Maryland
Washington DC Riots April 1968
John W. Wilson
US Army, World War II December 1941-November 1945
7th Infantry Division
Attu, 1st Offensive Battle of WWII, one of the bloodiest battles in Pacific Theater
106th Infantry Division
Battle of The Bulge-They were told that Hitler was defeated and the war was almost over.
Over the next 48 hours the Germans broke through and killed 7500 soldiers in the 106th Infantry Division.
I am very thankful that this soldier was not one of the lost.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!

Only 8 days left until school is out........
I have been to Target to secure the mandatory purchases for summer vacation.....
As for now, we patiently wait.......................
for June 4th at 11:50am.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just One Day I'd Like To Be My Dog.

Where my only worry in life is....which direction am I going to lay in the sun?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sure Sign That Summer is Only a Couple Of Weeks Away!

Is when you start hearing ALOT of this in the mornings at your child's school:


These are all very familiar phrases I have been hearing lately coming from a lady at my little girl's school, who stands on the sidewalk during morning drop off.

This "Tardy Nazi" continues to shreak at these tardy little ones as they practically roll, ever so slowly out of the minivans, to the sound of the tardy bell ringing, with actual slipper marks on their bitty behinds, where their moms have shoved them out the minivan door with her foot.

Many of these tiny tardies, glare at this "person in charge" as if wanting to kick her in the shin and say....."Do I look like I'm old enough to drive?" Do you really think I'm the one driving myself to school tardy every morning?" "Have you seen the shape my mom is in, I'm lucky even to get here at all!"

Really, no need to hurry though, because when the "tardy tots " hustle on up and finally arrive at their classroom, after receiving their naughty pink tardy slip from the front office....the light is off and the class door is locked, because their "tardy-teacher" is usually crawling through the back doors of the school anyway. Maybe they should place a "Tardy Commando" at the back of the school also!? Just a thought?!

Heck.......I say........

180 days is a long time to be ON-TIME anyways!

Is it Summer yet?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Never say NEVER!

I learned that back in February, when our small town was hit by a tornado. I had just told the girls not to worry, because in my 37 years I had NEVER seen a tornado. Not 1 minute later, the news was reporting a tornado touching down, less than 1 mile from us! oops!

Then there was Saturday morning.......

At about 11:30am, Glen was sitting on the end of our bed, I was sitting in the chair in our room and we were just chatting, when all of a sudden everything just SHOOK! We heard a loud kind of thud and my girls both yelled, "What was that?" They had felt it too. One's chair had shifted and the other had the sound knocked out of her computer.

Glen ventured outside, looking for a transformer that had possibly blown, or for anything falling from the sky. He found nothing.
Puzzled, we went along with our day, when finally the news confirmed that we had indeed experienced our very 1st EARTHQUAKE!

I sincerely am starting to believe that we are no longer living in Texas, but more like Revelations!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have You Bought Your Maxi-Dress Yet?

Apparently, the "Maxi-Dress" is the hottest summer trend for this season?! I'm all in for anything that says MAXI on the tag. Mini---umm.....just not for me.

Now, my (mini-sized) friend wore the cutest purple MAXI dress the other day! I stress on the "mini-sized" friend part, cause she has a rockin body that can pull off wearing anything. So I'm guessing me in a MAXI dress, would totally look the MAXI part! I would NOT look cute and mini, like she did in her MAXI. You follow?!
But, hearing that it IS the "hottest" style for the summer, and it did look cute, cool, and cozy...I figure I need to get on over to Target, after being advised by my mini-friend that you can get them there for only $20 bucks!, to grab up the MAXI XLs before they all vanish.

Upon my arrival, I'm excited to find a huge selection of Maxis to choose from, (hmmm? HUGE selection, maybe word hasn't got out quite yet, about this "hot trend"?)..........I find 2 that I try on and think that I could possibly pull them off with some sort of "jacket overlay"?? I make my purchase and head home, as a hot, excited, stylin, summer-ready Maxi owner!

I try on my "hot new trend" for the family last night.........I joyfully open the doors to my closet fully "Maxed Out" the applause of my husband yelling..."Hel-loooo Mrs. Roper!"

I can honestly say that I just bet my mini-friend DID NOT get this type of response from her family when she modeled her adorable MAXI on her rockin mini-bod!!

Everybody back to the car..........

"NEXT! How can I help you?"
"uhhhh.....I'd like to make a return."
"Is there anything wrong with it?"
"Never mind."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Class, Tomorrow our Share Reader will be Mr. Pitt!

I was reading my Bible my favorite Tabloid magazine the other day when I ran across an article that was informing its intelligent readers, like myself, that in a small suburb of New York, Mr. Pitt, Brad Pitt, that is, has been making surprise stop-ins to his kid's school and reading to the class. The school had noticed a surprisingly different appearance in the other mothers lately. Women who were once draped in bathrobes, ballcaps, and socks to drop their kids off at the curb had now turned into stiletto, skinny jean, colorful make-up wearing Cougars, who were now WALKING their kids into school all the way to the classroom!

I found this article exceptionally amusing. As I've mentioned before, I live approximately 2ft a couple of hundred yards from the front door of our elementary school, therefore making it essential that I get dressed in the same pair of shorts & t-shirt every morning, complete with a bra, try to stuff my hair under a ballcap, find a pair of half-way matching flip-flops, and parade my child to the front door of her school each day of the week. As we take our daily walk, I get to see our very own version of the pre-Pitt moms that the magazine made mention of, in their cars making their daily drop-offs.

Most all moms enter the dropoff lane with a large mug of some sort in their hand with a cloud of steam billowing around the top, a small lap dog, mostly poodles, with their nose sticking out the side window, barking rabid-like at my daughter and I, just hoping we stick our finger out at them, so they can get a bite. Most moms have a head full of curlers or a ballcap on top, no one is usually dressed, unless of course they are off for their morning tennis match, then it's a full workout tank and mini-skirt. Sometimes, I'll even catch a glimpse of a dad or two that were bribed or suckered into dropoff duty that morning. Most all have smoke shooting from their tires as they tear out of the dropoff lane onto the main street, as they now only have 7 hours until they have to return to the pickup lane! (Please note: I am not making fun, I am actually extremely jealous and somewhat resentful that I actually have to don a bra 180 days out of the year just to get my kid to school)!!

I have to laugh as I think about what we all would do if a memo came home in our child's green folder informing us that a guest share reader named Mr. Pitt would be coming to read the next day!? I'm guessing Steinmart would be packed that evening, as we all fight to try and find us a new sparkling dropoff suit. I imagine that the dropoff lane would be pretty vacant as most minivans would be parked in that packed parking lot, as us Cougars,un-selfishly, hand-delivered our children to their classrooms. and.... I'm guessing there would not be a dad in sight, as all of us moms would insist on their darling, handsome husbands taking the morning off, just relaxing, and enjoying their we lovingly assure them........"I have dropoff taken care of, honey, because I was planning on staying for share reading today anyway!"

I just hope that if the Jolie-Pitt family does ever decide to come visit our little town, #1. he wears his shirt like that and #2. us Cougars have some kind of fair warning!

This lioness needs a new bra pair of matching flip-flops!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Days Ahead!

Three weeks left of school!
We can almost taste the sno-cones and late night slumber parties!

We spent most of today outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and all of the gorgeous colors that the spring rains have brought us.

Signs of summer were everywhere!
Brightly colored insects enjoying this beautiful day!
A little girl helping her dad plant flowers and finding squirmy friends in the dirt!
A beautiful dog enjoying the cool breeze in the shade!
A handsome landscaper trimming the trees!
A studious 6th grader doing her homework on the porch!
Four fun beach babes ladies sunning by a pool!

OH! How we can't wait for the lazy days of summer!!