Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have You Met My BFF?

I love her!
I love her so much that if I ever have another baby girl, I just might have to name her "Swoozie"! hmmm?! That seems to be way out of the question, so how about if I ever get another puppy I just call HER "Swoozie"?

"Swoozie's" is nestled in our neighboring town. A neighboring town that you don't dare think about crossing the city limit sign without your: fresh out of the salon dazzling blond highlights, fresh French tips, stilettos with skinny jeans, a lovely Cache' blouse, all topped off with your Louie V handbag. AND, by the way DON'T even think about entering any parking lots out there without your shiny black SUV Escalade!


It is Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse's Week, and Mother's Day Weekend.....and I needed to go see my BFF, I needed some gifts pronto! (No time to shower!)

So I threw on my sequined Import One Cross Cap, a t-shirt just long enough to cover the safety pin that was holding my shorts closed at the top, dusted off my Old Navy flip-flops, grabbed my 1/2 price Juicy bag, and rambled on down the road in my hail-dimpled 2001 Tahoe...Swoozie, I'm comin!!

I had some pretty good luck today, until I bent over to search the bottom shelf for some stationary that had the teacher's initial on it, and my safety pin (you know, the one holding my shorts together) busted open, piercing me in my muffin top. I had to pass on the stationary, as I had to retreat to the rear of the store to apply abdominal pressure to stop the bleeding and get that safety pin fastened back before I lost my shorts and/or bled all over the adorable pastel-colored "I Love The Earth" Summer Eco-bags. phooey! (That was some cute stationary too, but seriously, how much stationary has that teacher already gotten this week?!)

I did find this.... for something?

I might just have to keep it, so I can just set it out in the mornings and have everyone think I cooked up a big breakfast! Cute though huh?!

If you ever run across a "Swoozie's" stop in and say Hi for me and take a look around! She won't mind if your pants are safety pin rigged or not....she's just that kind of a gal!

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