Saturday, May 16, 2009

C is for Cookie

that's good enough for me!
If I could grow blue fur and have googly eyes, I would!! I am a self-proclaimed COOKIE ADDICT! COOKIE MONSTER ADDICT that is! I LOVE COOKIES! I love chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, pecan sandies, oatmeal-chocolate chip, any cookie! I really really worship Keebler's chocolate covered peanut butter cookies that resemble the Girl Scout ones too. I could sit and eat 2 sleeves in one sitting.

I love cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....I even have cookies when I let the dog out for her middle of the night potty break! If you cut me open I would bleed cookies, really! Ok, and maybe some Dr. Pepper too.

So, now you get it...I love cookies and I have tried just about all of them out there......................


My friend, Teri, who makes these HOMEMADE!! They are not only the most delicious and soft cookie out there, they are adorable too!! She makes the cutest things for different events....softballs, megaphones, scary Halloween fingers complete with creepy nails, she even does weddings & birthday parties! Very good for me to have a friend who bakes cookies! I took some for my daughter's softball team last night and they shrieked, "THE COOKIES!" as they saw me "belly-crawling" up to the dugout with them (belly-crawling, in hopes that....they would not spot me, possibly forget about snacks, and I would then get THEM ALL!).....Sadly, they caught me and they did enjoy them alot once they wrestled me to the ground for them and Glen demanded that I "give the girls their cookies"!

Some girls even dared to ask for TWO cookies!

"NO!" I snapped, as I proudly selfishly hoisted my 3lb box full of extras back to the car.

I tell my friend ALL THE TIME that she needs to go into the baking business, as cookies are not her only specialty...she can do it all---cakes, pies, you name it! I would love to see her open a shop up here in town! I would certainly help her run the place.....licking the bowl, taste testing, eating the day-old goodies..........anything she needs, anything!

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Teri said...

You're so funny! And SWEET! Must be all the cookies. Love ya!!!