Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Only Takes Once.......

Mother's Day Gifts are priceless. I love the homemade ones the most! I have saved every card, poster, cut & glue-sticked book ever made for me by my little Picassos!

This Mother's Day was no different. I woke up on Sunday as the girls pounced on me in bed with their pretty pastel gift bags filled with selfmade treasures in tow!

"Mine 1st, " howled Hallie.
"No, mine 1st," echoed Riley.
Immediately, Hallie retreated from any arguement about me picking or not-picking her homemade gift 1st.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"You probably won't wear this one either," she hissed.
"Wear this one either?" I asked puzzled.
"I made this gift for you in class and you probably won't wear this one as much as you don't wear those earrings I bought for you at that expensive store last year!" she growled.
OH DEAR! She had noticed that I had NOT worn the large peach and gold chandelier earrings on too many occasions over the past year, and it stung! It stung her bad.

"Of course I will!...and I just bet it will match those earrings beautifully, now lets see it!" I told her.

"WOW! I love it and will never take it off!" I joyously exclaimed.

After opening the rest of my precious and priceless Mother Love Loot from my sweet girls, it was off to get ready for church!

I didn't leave ANY gift behind on this vey special day....even my "Canary YELLOW Dinner Jacket" Christmas nightmare treasure of a gift was adorned! (Until, I got into the car to leave and they all howled, "TAKE THAT THING OFF...IT WAS A JOKE!")
It only takes once.....to be hissed at by your sweet 8yr old, who put alot of thought into those
ear-chandeliers last year, to get you layering on all kinds of gifts!

Trust me, you won't catch me without my peach and gold chandeliers anytime soon! I even cleaned house in them today! But................. ............the "Canary Yellow Dinner Jacket" stayed in the closet!

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