Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Texas Rangers ain't got nothin' on these girls!

Picture this:

It's the first game of the Spring Tournament, it's early, it's a little drizzly, it's a Saturday morning....the WILDCATS are a bit droopy.....the 1st two innings come & go, the WILDCATS can't catch a break, the SunDevils are WIDE AWAKE and slamming those balls wayyyy over their mitts! The WILDCATS (who are undefeated, by the way) are down 0-10!

People from other teams kept coming over saying, "What?! That score, that can't be right?! The Wildcats NEVER lose!"

Tears were falling from the players, the fans....we couldn't believe it..our WILDCATS?? What was wrong? Our pitcher, what was wrong with him?? This wasn't a BOWLING tournament, this was softball!! and, by the way, have I said that...WE NEVER LOSE!? No one knew how to handle themselves in the face of DEFEAT?!

But wait! Hold On!...... Haven't you ever heard the old saying....."it ain't over till it's over".............

By the 3rd inning, the WILDCATS had had enough of this mess and decided it was time to start playing like a WILDCAT and turn this game around!

They started hitting, catching fly balls, stopping those hits, and the pitcher started PITCHING (For the record: I'm the pitcher's "agent" so I can blog about him like this)!

In the end, after a tie-breaker overtime, the WILDCATS came out victorious with a 12-13 win over the SunDevils! The crowd went WILD!
The girls were treated to Pizza..............

and the pitcher was treated to a kiss from his "agent"!

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