Monday, May 4, 2009

Could Someone Please Point Me In The Direction of The Jr. Dept. (after you enjoy a "Not Me! Monday")..?

A "Not me! Monday" add-on:

I am a "virgin" to what a very popular blogger calls her "Not Me! Monday" blog carnival. MckMama has become like a part of the family over the past few weeks as her precious son, Stellan was very ill. We, along with the rest of the WORLD, faithfully followed her blog, watching Stellan's progress, and praying for Stellan every morning. We will continue to do so, as he now has returned home. Since her life is starting to return to a kind of normal, she has resurrected her "Not Me! Mondays", so I thought I'd join in.
Here goes nothing at my very first "Not Me! Monday" attempt:

I did not just get locked in the bathroom at my gym and I certainly did not have to be rescued by the authorties. (Because seriously, me in a gym??--now that is the truth, this is very rare!)

I did not laugh hysterically at my 8yr old and her friend after picking them up from Sunday School yesterday when they told me about a girl who made a paper airplane and threw it at them that read, "God DOES NOT LOVE you two!" and then hissed at them. #1. I should be sad for that little girl who seems very upset. #2. I should be concerned over what the 2 did to deserve the airplane to the head with a dirty inscription on it........ not laughing, so I am glad I did not....laugh.

I did not place my patient incorrectly on the potty chair at work, and that patient certainly did not miss the potty chair, certainly not making me have a very messy day.

I most definitely did not enjoy reading other "Not Me! Mondays" today and absolutley will not look forward to more!

So please, DO NOT click on over to MckMama's Blog to read other hysterical "I'd never do that's".......

Now on to my "Bucket List" .....
My Bucket List has a few things on it.......

One is to one day be able wear a bathing suit in a public setting, that does not resemble a wet suit or have a prairie skirt attached to it!

Sadly, it appears that sitting on Facebook or blogging all day long will not get me any closer to a size 2 in the Jr. Dept. at Dillards than eating Sonic twice a day will. I've been thinking that if I spent as much time at Lifetime Fitness as I do on my "Facebook Faux Fitness Routine", I would be one "almost-forty-smokin'- hot-mom-of-2"!

Well, I bought this....Jillian Micheal's, 30-Day Shred

and we all suffered, as I whined and moaned just taking that gal out of her cellophane. It IS a great video, it DOES make you sweat and very sore the next day...but do you know how easy it is to get to my pantry full of cookies and all that aging, yet still very delicatably delicious Easter candy is, after working out in your PJs just one room away????......Which in turn (after getting all that pesky foil off those little Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs) really just = 20 minutes WASTED.
Then there is the membership card I have to here..(GOLD Membership, may I add....I know, I know.... laa-ti-daa!)...........

Gold just means....Yes! Lifetime Fitness still takes the $69.95 out of my bank account every month whether I bless them with my presence or not! Which I am here to sadly report, has been mostly, NOT, lately. (Except if you read the "Not Me! Mondays", I did make a puny attempt this morning to go, only to get myself locked in the john!)

So now that the weather is getting warmer, it's about time to get off my can, get serious, get the lead out, get to the gym, get to sheddin' (or "shredding" if you will) this "winter coat" of mine, and get to Dillards, before all the "Grandma Thongs" are history!


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Amy said...

Oh my goodness you make me laugh so hard everyday! I'll have to go check out the "not me" blog.

And I'll add - I certainly did not trip and bust my knee getting out of the family limo at my aunt's funeral. Uh, yeah....that's how I roll. I would totally get stuck in the loo at Lifetime. We have to keep it interesting girl. And you have to keep on laughing!