Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Never say NEVER!

I learned that back in February, when our small town was hit by a tornado. I had just told the girls not to worry, because in my 37 years I had NEVER seen a tornado. Not 1 minute later, the news was reporting a tornado touching down, less than 1 mile from us! oops!

Then there was Saturday morning.......

At about 11:30am, Glen was sitting on the end of our bed, I was sitting in the chair in our room and we were just chatting, when all of a sudden everything just SHOOK! We heard a loud kind of thud and my girls both yelled, "What was that?" They had felt it too. One's chair had shifted and the other had the sound knocked out of her computer.

Glen ventured outside, looking for a transformer that had possibly blown, or for anything falling from the sky. He found nothing.
Puzzled, we went along with our day, when finally the news confirmed that we had indeed experienced our very 1st EARTHQUAKE!

I sincerely am starting to believe that we are no longer living in Texas, but more like Revelations!

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