Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday's Family Room

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting another Friday edition of "Show Us Where You Live" Friday.....
I had so much fun looking at everyone's kitchen's last week, I had to join in on today's Friday Fun of Living Rooms!

Welcome to our Dining Living Room! The table with the flowers on it is practically where we eat every meal. If it's not eaten under the local Sonic Pavilion, you can find us at the coffee table!

Ahhhhh! My favorite "Power Nap" spot! Everyone knows if you'll just give me 10 minutes every now and then, I'm good to go till at least 2am!

Dad's got his "favorite" place too!

This picture that I have in my living room is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES and forever will be. My mom, my sister, and I in front of the Twin Towers in NYC, with the beautiful American Flag flying high behind us. I am so thankful to have this picture, as it is my daily reminder of everything that I have to be thankful for.

Thanks for coming by! Happy Friday!!


Pam said...

haha...I love your commentary. Nice place...we eat in the living room too. that a deer head on your fireplace? EEKKKKK! You would love my brother in law. (he likes to hunt...eek)

Cathryn said...

Love your room...and the poofy skirt story! Years ago, after waiting forever in a frou-frou hair salon for my daughter's appointment, my son was playing with a toy car quietly and knocked over a vase of flowers. The vase smashed into a thousand pieces and I was horrified. I had two crying children, and the helpful receptionist brought me a broom and dustpan and took my name and number so the owner could call me about the damage. When she called, she happened to get my husband and tried to get hundreds of dollars for the silk arrangemen that had sentimental value. Instead, he got the name of the florist, who happened to be a customer of his, and called her to replace the flowers directly instead of giving the money to the salon. She laughed and said she was just going to stick those same flowers in another vase, and not to worry about it! Needless to say, we no longer get our hair done at the frou frou salon. The salon should have been falling all over themselves to make sure that my child wasn't hurt, and that boutique should have done the same for you. She tripped on their rug, technically, her injury was their fault! No wonder no one BUYS anything from them!