Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Consider us warned!

Meet Hallie.

She is our 8 year old.
She does not like to sleep in her own room.

She starts out there, but about 3am every morning...I hear those pattering feet coming down the hall, and then the bounce at the end of the bed as she catapults herself into the middle of Glen and I.
An 8 yr old, a yorkie, and a mom & dad are alot of people in one bed, elbows are thrown, knees are knocked, backs are kinked, but this has become a norm around here lately.

The other morning our little nightime visitor got a bit upset at her dad and I as we caught those last few minutes before the alarm started going off. She claims that mom had all the covers which made her freeze and dad kept elbowing her in the back. After we got our morning started she barked, "Consider yourselves warned, if dad jabbed me in the back one more time, I was gonna go back into my room and sleep there!"

Without busting out laughing too hard, Glen barked back..."PROMISE!!?"

"Well," I told him, "I am glad she at least "warned us"!?

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