Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Great Excuses!

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, I hope to dedicate the next few days to us...MOTHERS! I would like to kick off this "series" with some great excuses! Great excuses for us, MOTHERS, to use regarding why it is senseless for us to clean the house! Something I have always known, but now I feel validated as someone has actually put it in print!!

While whizzing through my favorite "Happy Place": Target, I came across this fun book.

While believing that I needed to buy ME something that day, I bought it. This book is filled with fun birthday party ideas, great quotes from famous mothers, great ideas and advice, and some GREAT EXCUSES to throw out when need be.

One of my favorite chapters is, "The Heck with Housework" a multitude of excuses why NOT to do housework. Here are a few examples that I hope you will find handy and make you feel a bit better about keeping that sweeper put away for the day or even the week!!:

1. "You are unlikely to be appreciated for your effort, whereas a great new outfit and a makeover will make you feel better."
2. "There's always tomorrow!"
3. "Dust actually protects surfaces!"
4. "Frankly, there's always something better to do!"
5. "If you have friends with immaculate houses, tell yourself that they must have too much time on their hands and lead a boring life. You are far too interesting to spend all that time washing the windows, polishing the furniture, vaccuming the curtains, and scrubbing the kitchen floor."

Happy Wednesday to my fellow Moms....kick your feet up today and take the day off, the dust will still be there tomorrow!

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Kara said...

Like a good friend of mine said, "why do we have teacher appreciation for a whole week and mother's day just one day?" hmmm... i think she is on to something.
Enjoy your day momma! :)