Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have You Bought Your Maxi-Dress Yet?

Apparently, the "Maxi-Dress" is the hottest summer trend for this season?! I'm all in for anything that says MAXI on the tag. Mini---umm.....just not for me.

Now, my (mini-sized) friend wore the cutest purple MAXI dress the other day! I stress on the "mini-sized" friend part, cause she has a rockin body that can pull off wearing anything. So I'm guessing me in a MAXI dress, would totally look the MAXI part! I would NOT look cute and mini, like she did in her MAXI. You follow?!
But, hearing that it IS the "hottest" style for the summer, and it did look cute, cool, and cozy...I figure I need to get on over to Target, after being advised by my mini-friend that you can get them there for only $20 bucks!, to grab up the MAXI XLs before they all vanish.

Upon my arrival, I'm excited to find a huge selection of Maxis to choose from, (hmmm? HUGE selection, maybe word hasn't got out quite yet, about this "hot trend"?)..........I find 2 that I try on and think that I could possibly pull them off with some sort of "jacket overlay"?? I make my purchase and head home, as a hot, excited, stylin, summer-ready Maxi owner!

I try on my "hot new trend" for the family last night.........I joyfully open the doors to my closet fully "Maxed Out" ........to the applause of my husband yelling..."Hel-loooo Mrs. Roper!"

I can honestly say that I just bet my mini-friend DID NOT get this type of response from her family when she modeled her adorable MAXI on her rockin mini-bod!!

Everybody back to the car..........

"NEXT! How can I help you?"
"uhhhh.....I'd like to make a return."
"Is there anything wrong with it?"
"Never mind."

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Amy said...

I really wanted one of these dresses this year, but I have a strict no-sleeveless policy for now. But I was thrilled to learn that the trend has carried over into bathing suit cover ups. So I did get one that will cover me from neck to foot until the moment I can jump in the pool and hide! Score!