Saturday, May 30, 2009

Switched At Birth?

If we didn't look almost exactly alike, I would have to swear this child was switched at birth!What a smart cookie she is, if I may brag a moment!
Friday was the 6th grade Awards Ceremony. Riley took home the 6th Grade MATH Award and was named one of the 6th grade Outstanding Students!

We are so very proud of her! The MATH Award! Those were unheard of in our house when I was growing up! Glen's house too! Poor Riley has achieved success in Math all on her own this year! She would come home with some doozies for homework and Glen and I would get so frustrated we would write notes on the homework to the teacher sometimes saying, "This is just stupid!" I'm sure Riley would just quietly remove those before turning in her work or just tell her sweet teacher, "Please excuse them, they both went to Keller!"

Needless to say, Glen and I, by no means, are Math whizzes, in college I had to start in REMEDIAL Math! So I am over the moon that Riley does like Math and does very well in it!

The Outstanding Student Award is such an honor and I am so very proud of her for this special award! This award is voted on by the teachers and takes every aspect of the child into consideration; academics, personality, & overall character. This speaks volumes to the amazing sweet girl that she is. She truly shines everywhere she goes.

We love you so much Riley and are so very proud of you and all that you are!

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