Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Poofy Skirts on This Rodeo Drive!

Today is the 2nd Blog installment for Mother's Day because...a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do when it comes to finding a Poofy Skirt!
Today is the 2nd grade squaredance and my daughter begged for a "Poofy Skirt" to Cotton-Eyed Joe in! I searched high and low for that "Poofy Skirt"!

I had been offered the suggestion to try a local children's boutique. Just so happens, it's the one local children's boutique that I try to avoid, due to over-inflated prices and way over the top over-inflated bad attitudes in their boutique lady help. But desperate times call for desperate measures, a moms gotta do-what a moms gotta do, so I had to swallow my "Target" pride and give the specialty shop a try, because after all, I needed a Poofy Skirt in just 4 days!

The last visit I had with these ladies, who must believe that they are living the scene from Rodeo Drive in "Pretty Woman", did not go well, and I seriously, have not been back. About 5 yrs ago, I went into this shop with my, at the time three yr old, to browse the latest high-priced styles. Upon leaving the store (empty-handed), my 3 yr old tripped on the rug leading out the door and went sailing into their plate glass door, gashing her forehead open, but luckily saving their door (or else we would've had to move)! Panicking, I grabbed my bleeding toddler and ran to the counter and asked the stoned-faced boutique lady if she had a paper towel, a towel, a "Poofy Skirt", anything to stop the bleeding?? Glancing over my shoulder, surveying her boutique door damage, the stiff necked boutique lady said, "No. You might try the bakery around the corner." Are you kidding me?! If my 2nd born had not been gushing her red blood cells all over my Mossimo hoodie, I would've grabbed the 1st silk-lined extra soft, $79.99 baby blanket that I could reach and applied pressure, but I wasn't thinking correctly, and off to the bakery we hustled.........

Fast forward to this Monday....5 yrs later.....

As I reluctantly entered the "boutique", the 1st thing I heard were the 2 boutique ladies complaining that "all people do is come in, browse around, and then leave! It gets so old!" (Great!? Now, I can't just browse and leave..they were on to me!)

So I politely ask: "Do you have any of those cute Poofy skirts? My daughter has a squaredance on Thursday and I was looking for something like that for her."

Boutique lady #1: "Uhh, no, but I have this...." (showing me a straight-line aqua-blue dress with a bedazzled Peace Sign on the front.)

I, dazed and confused, replied: "Uhhhh...not really what I was looking for?? But do you know where I could find one of those cute skirts?"

Boutique lady #2: "No.... and we sure can't get you anything by THURSDAY!"

Me: "Ok, then thank you."
(Enough browsin for today........)

My Poofy Skirt search led me miles up the another shop, who unfortunately, were also fresh out of Poofy Skirts, but were kind enough to offer a suggestion to where I could find one! CAN YOU SAY......................


Are ya jokin!?

RIGHT NEXT DOOR! .......Sure!!? "Ms. Rodeo Drive" didn't know where I could get one, just like she didn't have any paper towels 5 yrs ago too!!

So back I went, right next door to the friendly "boutique"!! Where I found 2 boxes full of these....

Visit Oopsy Daisy Baby to see the CUTE STUFF this line carries!!
Are they NOT adorable!!??

Now that store knew how to be nice! She special ordered my daughter the cutest "Poofy Skirt" in town and had it delivered just in time for the big squaredance!
Kind of makes me want to prance my little "Dosie-Doe" into that 1st specialty boutique, drop off a roll of paper towel and quote that famous Julia Roberts line to those 2 boutique ladies, "Big mistake, big mistake, HUGE!" Because this mama spent alot of money in the "nice lady" store!


Kara said...

She looks adorable! (as always)
Save it for Berkley and my girls. ;)

Amy said...

Ok I know EXACTLY who you are talking about and I get the same bad treatment, especially because I go in there with BOYS. Their boys clothes are downright dorky. I'm usually just looking for a baby gift off the 50% off sale. Last time I went in there was in my Target jeans with a ripped hole in them!

AND I got an email from this place offering a discount for Mother's Day. Really? If it's MOTHER'S day why in the world would I buy an overpriced outfit for my kids?? I go in there now for one thing only - they do have the best Santa in town.

And while I've never shopped next door - I've heard lovely things about the owner.

See now my blood pressure is up! LOL

And she does look adorable! I knew something good was going on today when I saw you cross the street today with your camera in hand.