Friday, May 15, 2009

When Did This Happen?

La~la~la~la~~~~just cleaning Riley's room~~~~~La~la~la~la~~~Oh! There is her cute "Horton Hears A Who" calendar hanging on her wall~~La~la~la~la~~~~~~~Wow! She is so responsible, putting all the important stuff on her calendar, dates to remember~~la~la~~.........


What in the world?!~~~~

Is that what I think it is..........??

I knew she had a little "boyfriend", but I DIDN'T know she hearted him!!

Time for some lunch!!

I quickly scramble to gather my "boyfriend stalking equipment" and head out to the cheese fry capital of the world.... the Middle School check out this "I heart S.B." business. Upon entering the lunchroom, I almost immediately spot the two lovebirds, sitting at the lunch table, side by side, but not cuddled up the way one would think, if one "hearts" the other......those two sweet kids couldn't have been farther apart, sitting right next to each other, if they were completely across the room! They were on the farthest opposite corners of those tiny little plastic rounds dinner plates that they call lunch table seats, as not to accidently touch each other. Very good, I think selfishly, as I return all of my "boyfriend stalking equipment" to my bag. This looks pretty safe. Let me go introduce myself......

"Hi there! You must be S! I am R's mom," I said.
Jumping to his feet, he replied, "Yes, maam, I am." and he EVEN shook my hand!
Wow! He was a cutie and very polite!

As the "lunch date" progressed, the body mechanics of the two 6th graders who "heart" each other was very interesting.
Neither one EVER turned their head in the direction of the other, only catching a glimpse of each other from time to time while keeping their heads straight forward and eyes completely stretched sideways, almost to the point of retinal detachment. Never once making any type of body contact, much less any type of PB&J sandwich connection!

The actions of the friends sitting near was much more entertaining than watching the poor couple's strain of awkwardness.
Their lunch buddies were hiliarious and completely 100% inconspicuous nutty 6th graders!
One boy continued standing behind them making kissy faces, while another continued to point to them as to tell me they were indeed, a "couple", the girls in front of us continued asking and commenting to them both through the entire meal, "Why don't you two ever talk to each other? Do you ever talk? What's the deal? TALK you two! Are ya'll like going out? If you're going out, shouldn't you like talk?"

FINALLY, the lunch period was over and the two quickly departed each other's company without even a "Bye, see ya".

This situation looks pretty she can "I heart S.B." for long as they stay as painfully awkward as they are now....sitting on the far opposite corners of the lunch for me though, my bag full of "equipment" will stay packed and ready to go!

How in the world, did she go from this.........

to this........

so quickly??!!

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