Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twas The Night Before.....

....Cheer Camp at UNT....
not a creature was stirring not even Abby or me!
The ribbons were curled, the bags were all packed,
The pom-poms were poofed and the megaphones stacked.

The sun soon arose and we were then on our way,
Arriving at the dorms and starting our day.
Three flights of stairs is where we lugged all that gear,
"Where is that stinky dorm room, it has got to be near!"

We made it, unpacked, and yelled "HipHip Hooray",
Said our goodbyes, gave kisses, and sent them on their way.

They learned cheers, chants, and stunts galore, And their ACA instructor, Amy, they simply adore!
The week flew by and Saturday was finally here,
Time to pack up to come home, and perform that final cheer.

After the trophies & ribbons & medals & more,

We pointed our cars towards home, praying that a nap was in store.

And I heard them exclaim as we drove out of sight...
"CMS COLTS are #1,

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