Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3rd Grade Here She Comes!!

We are so proud of Hallie! She is off to 3rd Grade!

She has worked her little self very hard this year, making so much improvement from the beginning of the year! We don't hear "what does that say?" near as much as we did last fall! At her awards ceremony she was asked what her biggest accomplishment in 2nd grade was and she proudly responded, "my the beginning of 2nd grade I could only write using 9 words, now I can use ALOT!"
Here is the "short version" of our Summer Vacation that she wrote at the beginning of the school year........

and a longer version of a Pirate's Tale that she wrote last month, using ALOT more words!

She also loves to illustrate her stories now,

and her reading has taken on alot more animation!

Hallie is a bit more into the "socializing aspect" of school rather than "scholastic achievement", therefore we are very proud of her great work!

We love you very much!!
WATCH OUT 3rd Grade!!

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Amy said...

Oh you girls were so cute in your pretty dresses! Preston's soooo excited to move UPSTAIRS! Big boy!! Enjoy your summer!!