Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Visit To The Unknown.

Tonight I visited somewhere where I've never gone before......................
......the fruits & vegetable section at my local grocery store! The stockers in this particualr area almost looked cross-eyed when they saw me "out of place"...breezing past the bakery with my head poised downward as not to even peek at the thumbprint cookie displays, only to cautiously enter their "fresh/organic" territory!
Immediately, coming to my aid they asked, "Miss, may we help you? Are you ok, lost, disoriented? You DO know that the cookie cakes are back over that way," as they pointed over to my old stomping grounds.
"I know, I know....sweet smarty pants vegetable stockers...I'm starting a 12-week challenge at work tomorrow....and ...and.... I need some help," I struggled to explain as I was sweating bullets trying to keep my basket from sharply swerving back to the sweet smell of buttercream icing.
"What's good around here?" I asked.
They ever so politely filled my cart with the most beautiful strawberries, brightly colored cucumbers, plump grapes, and much much more.
As I took one last stroll down memory lane with my grocery cart filled with "objects from the unknown", I bid a 12-week farewell to my friends....... the rows of Duncan Hines boxes that are stuffed with the most beautiful plastic sleeves of powder....ready to be mixed with Grade A Large fresh fluffy eggs, the large clear plastic domes that encase the chocolateiest brownies known to man, and the many round wheel-like cookie cakes that probably already had my name inscribed on them in red buttercream just waiting for me to pick them up......
For now, it's more exercise, better eating, and more steps for me as I join our team of 11, THE REHAB GIRLS as we compete with many other Texas Health Resource Teams across the metroplex in this 12-week challenge......"Shape Up Texas".
Most importantly, I must not forget...... every competition has its rewards:
they are offering all participants who stick with the challenge for the entire 12-weeks a Duffle Bag!
I sure hope it's big enough to hold my cookie cakes gym clothes!!

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