Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's June and I'm Already Behind!?

It's mid-June, have you bought your Fall decor yet?
Decisions decisions??
Autumn Blessings or a handful of red, white, and blue sun-visors & American Flag window stickers?

Hobby Lobby has that special way of allowing us, the customers, to hear the warm sizzle of firecrackers in our heads and feel the cool sting of fall on our cheeks all on the same aisle, all at once!

Personally, I feel a pang of panic in the pit of my stomach when I see the wooden army of 4ft tall cut-out scarecrows peering out the front Hobby Lobby window at me when I'm actually on a mission to buy 4th of July Party supplies!

"I'm already behind!" I think to myself when my basket is filled with red, white, and blue windmills and NOT bright orange pumpkins or dark fall-colored foliage! "Oh dear, it IS already June!! JUNE?!"

I am suddenly shaken back into reality from the imaginary smell of Thanksgiving turkeys basting in my imaginary oven by my 12 year old who is begging me to grab my festive red, white, and blue party supplies, get to the register, and QUIT taking pictures with my phone because......"People are beginning to stare!"
"They are not staring at us, dear!," I try to explain. "They themselves are trying to decide on the hand-painted American Flag birdhouses or the beautiful pumpkin and acorn filled cornucopias! Now let's get to the Christmas ribbon aisle, before they sell out!"

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