Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad Day to Be An American Icon!

Thursday was NOT a good day to be an American Icon.....

We 1st woke up to the news that Farrah Fawcett had lost her battle with cancer. Though expected, the news was still sad. Glen called and asked, "So who will be Number 3?" Referring to me always telling him that these things come in 3's. First, Ed McMahon passed away, then Farrah, so Glen was anxious to get my prediction on who #3 would be. I predicted "Patrick Swayze", as the pictures I've seen of him lately on the magazine stands at my local grocery store, he looks gravely ill!

Glen said, "Ok, we'll see..." Then I'll be darn...not but a few hours later, the news was reporting that MICHAEL JACKSON had passed away! WOW! Now that one stunned me,much like the news of JFK Jr. dying in that horendous plane crash with his gorgeous wife, or the dreadful car crash in Paris that took the life of Princess Diana.......Shocking.
The news then quickly turned all of its attention to this sudden turn of events, leaving poor Farrah with maybe 4-5 minutes on FOX NEWS.......I don't think "The King of Pop" ever got this much TV time or sold this much merchandise while he was alive!! Holy Moly.....all MJ, all the time!

Sudden deaths are hard to swallow and seem to always have some sort of mystery involved.
Mr. Jackson's demise doesn't appear to be any different as the details emerge about the moments leading up to his untimely death.........

Much like.....

Marilyn Monroe: Was it suicide or murder?

Elvis: Did he really die while sitting on the john or did he fake his own death and is currently living on the beach somewhere?

Michael Jackson's death, too, has many wondering what really happened. Could it just maybe be that he was a real life person like us all and it was just his time to go?
That possibilty doesn't make for a good headline though does it?

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