Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sit Down and Dance!?

I haven't been to alot of concerts in my life, but this one tops the cake! It was so much fun! This adorable trio can really put on a show!
The girls all had a blast......... and us mamas did too!

Here are some highlights from our Jonas Evening:
The crowd went wild when Miley showed up to sing an Encore with Nick!

The little ones were lucky enough to sign THE BUS!

The older girls signed their OWN BUS!


The highlight of my evening was this grumpy lady in our section who kept complaining that everyone was standing up and asked Event Security to tell us all to sit down, which they did, but with a very big grin!

Poor thing, I'm thinking she got mixed up and thought she was on her way to a Craft Show or something, because she did not have any fun ESPECIALLY when everyone started standing on the chairs and dancing, then she called the Police!
Lucky for us, The Law was on our side and they allowed us to continue to stand and dance, asking us only to refrain from standing on the chairs.
Sadly, for the grumpy lady, she found out the hard way that a "Bonus Jonas" is not a special giveaway at the Craft Show!

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