Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Wait is Over and So Are They!

We've been waiting to see what would happen to the "8 Kid Wonder Couple" and last night's episode let it all out. It's official, Jon & Kate are getting a divorce. Very sad for those 8 little children who from what I remember didn't ask to have every one of their poops in the potty recorded on LIVE TV for all the world to relish in and now their parents are choosing to air their most private, personal pain.??
But I'm first to admit, I'm guilty of watching, reading, and waiting right along with my kids and my mother who all adore this family. I was actually hoping for a happy ending to this modern day family of Waltons, but looks like just another family fallen victim to celebrity status. I did find it very interesting that last night's episode featured the couple announcing their split just as the kids all received broken "crooked" homes to play in.


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